Judicial complaint filed against Mousavi

Saudi Gazette- Judicial complaint filed against Mousavi—home.regcon&conte... Search: . - !Today ‘All Issues Advanced Search ... Read more

Prominent Iranian Reformists Go On Trial For Post-Election Unrest

(Prontrent Iranian R.eformists Go On Trial For Post-Election Unrest] - ltp:// wiew/1790377 .ltil tlIIiIt$ Lf Print. ... Read more

Preventing of Etemadmelli newspaper publication by prosecutor and Culture Ministry representative

Last night after the Mehdi Karroubi's statement which addressed Iranian nation; and Guardian Council confirmation of the Elections, the Tehran prosecutor and Culture Ministry representative prevented to publish Etemad Melli Newspaper. Thus the newspaper will not be published today. ... Read more

Call of Allah Akbar on the roof, Each night stronger

People in different cities after ten consecutive nights still say "Allah Akbar" on roofs. Although in the first nights of protests, the slogan "Allah Akbar" was the only slogan but after killing defenseless people ruthlessly, the slogan "Death to dictator" as a slogan in the roof is added. However Basij militia motorcyclists refer to all housed which call "Allah Akbar" and try to intimidate people. ... Read more

Tortured students have reported, What happened in Guantanamo of Interior Ministry

A student activate who had been arrested a few nights ago in the University dormitory, along with other students has been under severe torture and sexual harassment in under ground of Interior Ministry. This student for security reasons, refused to mention his name, has definition his experiences… ... Read more


Seven prominent political leaders are thought to be at risk of torture or other ill treatment, after they were arrested this week in connection with ... Read more

As Confrontation Deepens, Iran's Path Is Unclear

As Confrontafion Deepens, Iran s Path Is tJxlear - NYTincs ,com 1ttp://www ,r tinies.coni'2OO9/O6/19/wor1d/midd1eeast/19iran1tm1?_r—... € Ijrt ... Read more

Three million Mousavi supporters reported to have gathered at Azadi Square

Conservative politician and mayor of Tehran, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, informally reported to Parliament that a minimum of three million Mir Hossein Mousavi supporters gathered in Azadi square. ... Read more

Ayatollah Montazeri important statement about the presidential election

بیانیه مهم آیت اته العظمی منتظری در خصوص انتخابات ریاست جمهوری ... Read more

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