The coup government buried the university dormitory's martyrs

The Bamdad-e Khabar Website reporter, quoted the family of one of the University dormitory Martyrs, the government has buried the Martyrs in secret without any informing to the families. Checking of forensic, police and other relevant institutions have not been useful and these institutions had an inappropriate deal with scathing families of martyrs. ... Read more

Etemad-Melli Newspaper is surrounded

According to the Aftab News political reporter, plainclothes men equipped with walki-talki and cold weapons barring the entrance of Etemad Melli Newspaper, which belongs to Mehdi Karroubi, one of the protesting candidates to the election results, and are preventing journalists and employees to leave the building.

Interior Minister. We have not issue and permission for the gatherings

Sadeq Mahsouli, Interior Minister, added: Some are gathering in a place to provide their opinions but people should be careful to not consider all of them to be the same. Because such gathering should be allowed with legal authorization only. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is elected president. ... Read more

Vote branch entrance door in Yazd broke

As the entrance doors to a voting center had been closed before the expired time, but people waiting in line wanted to vote, so they protested against this illegal act and broke down the vote branch doors. ... Read more

Jomhuri Khalgh of Muslims Party didn't participate in elections

Articles: 1. The republic of the Nation of Muslim's party did not participate in the elections 2. Election in the cities 3. Radio and TV rejected the protest of Fadayi Troops 4. Kazerouni was assassinated

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