Video and pictures of two prisoners under torture and rape in Rajaee Shahr Prison

Videos and pictures of two prisoners (Mohsen Beikvand and Bahram Tasviri) who testified about their torture and rape in Rajaee Shahr prison in Karaj. These videos have been recorded inside of the prison. ... Read more

Jafar Panahi was relesaed after 88 days

Jafar Panahi was released on 200 million Toman bail this morning.

Six years imprisonment for Masoud bastani

Branch 26 of appeal court of Revolutionary Court confirmed six years imprisonment of Massoud Bastani which was issued in branch 15 of the revolutionary court earlier.

Reduction of executed sentences of three political prisoners to imprisonment

Ayyoub Porkar and Reza Khademi who had been sentenced to execution in the branches 15 and 26 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran, their sentence broke to 20 years imprisonment for Ayyoub Porkar and 12 years imprisonment for Reza Khademi in the branch 36 of the appeal court. Ayyoub Porkar had been attended for four years in the Iran/Iraq war as a pilot and later he had separated from Army and has been accused to the relation with the Mojahedin Khalg Organization. His lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh said the base of his accusation is detecting of his phone and personal emails. Reza Khademi had been arrested in June 13th and was condemned to execution in accusation of the relation to the Iran Royal Association by Judge Abdul Qasim Salavati in the branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court. Naser Abdolhosseini who had been accused to attempt to change the peaceful gathering to disturbance and taking the photos of the empty votes branches. His execution sentence is broken to 12 years imprisonment. ... Read more

Re arrest of Artin Ghazanfari in accusation of intervention in Ashoura events

Artin Ghazanfari after summoning to the Revolutionary Court was re arrested again in accusation of attending and intervention to the Ashoura events by security Forces yesterday. He had been arrested in last Bahman (Jan.Feb.) and after spending three months in solitary confinement had been released temporarily on bail. He is husband of Jinous Sobhani who had been arrested in the events related to Ashoura as well. ... Read more

Two due to be returned to prison in Iran

The two were arrested for participation in post election protests, and were previously released only on a temporary basis. ... Read more

Three months imprisonmnet for Hassan Ark and Ebrahim Dashti political activists in Tabriz

Hassan Ark and Ebrahim Dashti who had been arrested in September 22nd and after 39 days temporary detention in Intelligence Office and Tabriz prison were released on 20 Million and 30 Million Toman bails. They were condemned to 90 days imprisonment by Judge Bayat in the branch 3 of the Revolutionary Court in Tabriz in accusation of propaganda against system. ... Read more

The names and the last situation of 41 arrested members of Human Rights Activists

Human Rights Activists in Iran published the names of 41of their arrested members in the recent months. ... Read more

Jafar Panahi and Mohammad Rasoulof were prohibited from being visited

Jafar Panahi and Mohammad Rasoulof were prohibited to be visited by their families and their lawyers. Farideh Gheyrat, Jafar Panahi's lawyer and Iman Mirza-zadeh, Mohammad Rasoulof's lawyer have been told that these two film directors are during the interrogation process, and according to the Judge of their cases, they are not allowed to visit their lawyers before ending of the legal interrogation process.

Mohammad maleki was accused to Moharebe Trying to overthrow the government

Mohammad Sharif the lawyer of Mohammad Maleki said his client was released in the last week on 100 Million Toman bail but according to his indictment he has been accused to relation with one of the illegal organizations and according to the article 186 of Islamic Penal Code he is accused to Mohareb (Trying to overthrow the government). ... Read more

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