Arresting of son of a senior officials in bloody events in Ashoura

جنبش راه سبز - اختصاصی جرس / دستگیری فرزند یک مثام محالی رتبه در حوادث عاشورا ... Read more

More than 400 people were arrested in Isfahan

In conflicts in Hossein-Abad St. in Isfahan about 400 or 500 people, including Habib Nouri (50 years old) brother of Abdollah Nouri, and his son Reza Nouri and his nephew Mehdi Nouri were arrested and transferred to Isfahan prison ... Read more

The main accuser of the Kahrizak events becomes the president's Inspector General

In Jomhourie Eslami Newspaper in the section of "for concern" has been written: In days to come, Judge Saeed Mortazavi officially will be appointed as the president's Inspector General. ... Read more

Iran detention centre doctor commits suicide: IRNA

11/18/2009 Iran detention centre doctor commits REUTERS ... Read more

Five individuals sentenced to death over Iran's post-election turmoil

Five individuals have been sentenced to death, and 81 other individuals have received jail terms of up to 15 years in connection with social unrest and turmoil following the much-disputed Iranian election of June, 2009 - reported by state broadcast IRIB on Tuesday. ... Read more

Emerging details of the mysterious death of Kahrizak's doctor

11/16/2009 Emerging details of the mysterious de... ... Read more

Leader grants interior minister control over police

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution has appointed Iran's interior minister as deputy commander of the country's Armed Forces in charge of police forces. ... Read more

Iran deplores 'political' Oxford University move

Iran's embassy in Britain deplores a decision by Queen's College of Oxford University to offer a graduate scholarship in Philosophy to Iranian students in memory of Neda Agha-Soltan. ... Read more

To provoke disturbances by a private hospital

According to the Fars News, this private hospital during the election events, in many cases has rejected to treat the police and the people who look like Basij militia and instead of that, had dedicated the hospital and its staff to an special groups. ... Read more

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