Elections In Iran

Iran’s Legislative Elections through the Eyes of a Former Political Prisoner

  (February 8, 2016) – On February 26, 2016, the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) will stage elections for the tenth term of its parliament, the

Violent Aftermath: The 2009 Election and Suppression of Dissent in Iran

This preliminary report documents and analyzes the regime’s brutal suppression of dissent after the June 12, 2009 presidential elections. Hours before the incumbent, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, ... Read more

A Year Later: Suppression Continues in Iran

In commemoration of the one year anniversary of the ongoing human rights crisis in Iran, IHRDC issues this short report on the suppression of dissent ... Read more

Witness Statement of Mohammad Shams

Mohammad Shams, a young political opposition supporter, describes his arrest, detention and torture after he participated in demonstrations protesting the June 2009 presidential elections results.   Name: ... Read more