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50 More Die in Violence Across Iran (AP - 12/16/1978)

          50 more ‘die
          in violence
          across IraN
          Tehran (AP) — Two days of
          political and religious violence in
          provincial cities have claimed 50 or
          more lives in Iran, informed
          sources reported yesterday.
          southern city of. Sbiraz , where orthodox
          Moslems clasI âd with members of the
          The worst turmoil occurred in the
          Babai religious sect, which Is linked
          with Iran's elite.
          The latest round Of clashes were be-
          tween security, forces and demonstra
          tom and civilian suppolters of Shah
          Mohammed Rosa Pahiavi and his civil-
          ian oppoflentL Thursday and yesterday
          were the bloodiest days of the battles,
          which began on Monday.
          Deaths were. reported in three cities,
          bringing the toll for the week close to
          lems ‘attacked a Pepsl-Cohii plant and
          other businesses and hofl2 S of Bahal
          In Shiraz on'- Thursday', Shilte Moe
          sect members. More 1han 40 Shlltes
          were killed and 50 wounded, Informed
          sources said.
          When tbe Shiites attacked the
          homes, Bahal sect thembers opened fire
          with automatic weapons, the sources
          said The Bahai believers, an affluent
          minority with considerable political
          influence, are members of a sect that
          150 years ago split from the mainstream
          of Islam, rejecting Some precepts of the
          Koran, the Moslem holy book.
          Most Iranians, including the Shah
          himself, are Shiites.
          Go ernmOnt radio reported that five
          persons were Slain yesterday in the
          northWestern city of Rezaiyeh. -
          Other sources said two adults and
          t9 7fr
          two hospitalized boys were killed Thurs-
          day in the northeastern city of Mashad
          when 100 soldiers and their relatives
          attacked two hospitals, apparently be-
          cause,jts staff, opponents of the shah,
          refused to treat the families of imperial
          • ‘ ‘• .‘. . -.
          Women In southern Tehran s.
          pick up literature from man in grave-
          yard set aside for those killed hi
          demonstrations against the Shah.
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