46 Kurds massacred

          Tehran, lxi (*euler)—Unidentlf led attackers massa
          end 46 Kurdish villagers at the height of the antl.govern .
          ment rebellion in Kurdlstan, the governor general of West
          2 janpro,JmsMdHa u ,saldySerdaY .
          Mr. Haqgu said the massacre took place at Gbarneh,
          nearthernala road toNaghsdeh notfarfrom where 151s
          lainic revolutionary guards were killed September 2 in an
          attackon their bus byKurdish guerrillas
          lie said the villagers were killed after the bus attack
          and that the two incidents were connectecL it was an at.
          tempt, he said, to provoke unrest between neighboring
          Kurdish and Turkisb.speakhigcom inunlt les.
          “The attackers were not revolutionary guards, neither
          were they Kurds orTtrks. They were just counter-revolu .
          tionarles. This was a plot to start a fight between Kurds
          and Turks 1 ” Mr. liaqgu said in the West Azerbaljancapltal
          Mr llaqgu said be had sent Investigators to try to iden.
          Wy the attackers.
          Sources In the banned Kurdish Democratic party,
          whose militants have fled to the Kurdistan hills after the
          defeat of their rebellion in the towns, said four women,
          ‘seven children anda number of old menwere among those
          They alleged a number of the victims were beheaded,
          Includlngthe locatMuslim priest
          Mr. Haqgu said be bad not seen the bodies but bad been
          told the v thus were brutally killed.
          The Kurd ish sourcessald the massacre took placeSep
          tembert. Mr. Haqgu would only acknowledge It had taken.
          place during the last weet
          The official Pars news agency said yesterday that
          three revolutionary guards were killed In the Kurdish
          town of flukan Saturday night in clashes with demonstra-;
          tors 1 butgavenodeta lls.
          A one.nlght curfew was Imposed on Bukan last week
          after revolutionary guards fired Into the air to disperse
          demonstratorashouting anticlerical slogalt The Incident
          happened soon alter government troops took over the.
          town, which had been held previouslyby rebel fortes.
          In the former rebel capital of Mababad, Ayatollah
          Sadeq Rhalkhali, head of Iran 's jslamlc revolutionary
          courts, banned all demonstrations.
          Since the town fell to the government last week, local
          Kurt bave demonstrated at leasttwlcelnsupportoftbelrl
          banned spiritual leader, Sheik Ezzedd i n ltoese1nl I
          Tehran'a Islamic revolullonast prosecutoz Ayato)lahj
          Abroad Atari Qomi, Issued an order yesterday cooflscat-(
          log property of the owners of Tebran's leading evenlng
          newspaper, Ete la'af. -
          46 Kurds massacred, Iranian official reports
          The Sun (183 7-1985); Sep 10, 1979; ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Baltimore Sun, The (1837-1986)
          pg. A4
          46 Kurds massacred, Iranian official reports
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