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Khomeini Orders Kurdish Revolt Crushed

          P .2
          . unduy, August IQ, 19 f 1•i-(E //‘ tsi-r.t 1 /GTON POST
          Khomeini, as Military Chief, Orders Kurdish Revolt Crushed
          leagured government forces, led a
          counterattack from inside the town
          before it fell, tb radio said.
          Scores were Icilled and wounded in
          four days of fJghting in the town, fol-
          lowing an attack by Kurdish tribes.
          men early WeO iesday morning after
          they had evacuated their civilian pop-
          ulation to neaVl r mountain camps.
          Earlier the government said 40 of
          the 280 Revolutionary Guards in the
          town had been killed. The state radio
          said 18 of thet i had been beheaded
          when the tribesmen attacked Paveh's
          only hospital.
          Kurdish losses reportedly also were
          heavy. The radio said 2,000 tribesmen
          took part in attack.
          A spokesma i for the Kurds said to-
          night the tribesmen retreated because
          it; would have been futile to battle the
          superior Iranian forces, including the
          Air Force. He termed. the Pa .'ol as
          sault a guerrilla aótlon that shoW d
          the Kurds will notpermit thpir rights
          to be trampled without fight.
          Khomeni's action in bypassing the
          country's military • leadership in his
          role as “supreme conirnpnder” fol-
          lowed a speech last night In which he
          warned against opposing his govern.
          Khomeini lashed out at the press,
          political parties, lawyers and intellec-
          tuals. Speaking in the holy city of
          Qom, lie declared he would return to
          Tehran if necessary to put his Islamic
          revolution on the correct course and
          end all Opposition.
          “If we had been truly revolutionary
          we would have destroyed the press
          long before this,” Khomeini said, sup-
          porting theclosing of what he termed
          “counterrevolutionary newspapers.”
          He condemned all political pal-ties
          “to death at the gallows,” reiterating
          the slogan of Mosleni militants who
          have attacked democratic groups iii
          Tehran this week with shouts of: “The
          only party is the party of God.”
          “As supreme commander of the
          armed forces, I direct the chief of
          staff to order all state police units
          and the army to the Paveb area and
          the gOvernMent to provide transport
          for Itevolutionary G uards,”. Khomeini
          He directed the forces to be fully
          armed and ready for battle and, “with-
          out waiting for any further orders,” to
          put down the 1 el ellion.
          The ayatol1 h. warned the armdd
          forces theywoulci face the wrath of
          the revolution if they failed to crush
          the revolt.
          “I hold the armed forces responsi-
          ble for the massacres in Paveh and if
          they disobey my command I will deal
          with them in a revolutionary way,” lie
          “They keep telling me from the Pa-
          veh area that the government and the
          Army have done nothing. If within 24
          hours something positive is not
          achieved, I will hold the Army chief
          and head of the state police responsi-
          ble,” Khomeini added.
          Fle issued an ultimatum, which cx-
          pired at 1 p.m., warning the Kurds
          that if they did not end their rebel-
          lion, troops and Revolutionary Guards
          throughout Iran would destroy
          Kurdish leaders conden ned the
          government action to crush the revolt.
          Kurdish spiritual leader, Sheik Sos-
          semi, asked Khomeini not to make
          “rash • decisions that were governed
          bY hIs emotIons.”
          The' head of the Kurdish Demo.
          cratic Party, which the main propo-
          nent of autonomy the, rçgl n Ab-
          durahman Qassemlu said; “We were
          not the on a who started the fight in
          Paveb. It was started 1 y Revolution-
          ary Guards sent there from another
          area and the residents of the town
          were forced to. leave when attacked by
          them.” •‘ .
          Meanwhile, the pro-Khomeini Is-
          lamic Republican Party newspaper re-
          ported that a rocket attack on the
          U.S. Embassy here early this morn-
          ing came after a telephone call ad-
          jsed Revolutionary Guards to Va-
          cate the compound.
          The newspaper indicated the attack
          may have be'en carried out by militia-
          men angry at being removed by the
          government last week from their post
          as security guards at the embassy.
          An embassy spokesman said the at-
          tackers fired two rocket-propelled gre-
          nades, one of which failed to detonate
          and was discovered later.
          The spokesman said damage was
          limited to broken windows and fallen
          plaster in the embassy's former corn-
          missary restaurant, which was being
          converted into a new consular and
          visa department. No one was injured
          in the attack. .
          1 1 Executed as Kurdish Rebels
          At Border Site of Fighting.
          TEHRAN, Aug. 19—Iran loday exe-
          cutgd 1]. ‘ Kt*rd lsh rebels captured whOn
          go/'ernment forces took the border tgwn
          of Paveh, the state radio said.
          The 11 were shot by a firing squad
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          By Chris de Kretser
          Sneclal Lo The Washington Post.
          TEHRAN, Aug. 18—Ayatollah Ru-
          hollah Khomeini today declared him-
          self military commander-in-chief and
          gave the country's armed forces 24
          hours to crush a Kurdish rebellion or
          face the wrath of the revolution.
          Shortly after his declaration and a
          government ultimatum to the Kurcis
          to end their revolt, the western Ira-
          nian town of Paveh, captured by
          Kurds this week, was back in the
          hands of Iranian security forces.
          Army troops, state police and Re-
          volutionary Guards sent to the
          region from throughout Iran oc-
          cupied the town today after Kurdish
          tribesmen abandoned their positions
          and retreated into the mountains.
          The government said Paveh was
          recaptured after fighting in which 400
          l)elSOflS were killed and hundreds
          more wounded. A government spokes-
          man, Sadeq Tabatabal, announced
          over the state radio that security
          forces' losses were 18 dead and 40
          Deputy PrIme Minister Mostafa
          Chamran, who had been trapped there
          earlier with the last remnants of be-
          The Washineton Post
          before dawn at Kermarishah .prjso ,.
          east of Paveh, after being found guilty
          of corruption and waging war on God
          and his epresentatives, it said.
          ...,‘ ayeli, near the border, WaS quiet
          aft er he tvy government reinforcements
          ye iterday lifted a siege 1 r Ku isli in
          sp gents. The fig ithigi . apparently
          stáited over local protests aga st non
          KUrdisli revolutionary guards being sent
          I tc4 the arça. - k
          . “.
          Egyptian President Aiiwar Sadat and U.S. envoy Robert Strauss emerge from talks.
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          By Edward Cody
          Washington Post Foreign Service
          ISMAILIA, Egypt, Aug. 18—Special
          U.S. envoy Robert Strauss filled in
          President Anwar Sadat tonight on an
          American proposal for a new U.N. res-
          olution on the Middle East aimed at
          broadening the Palestinian autonomy
          talks among Egypt, Israel and the
          United States.
          Strauss and the Egyptian leader
          conferred for about 70 minutes in the
          cool breezes of the terrace at Sadat's
          rest villa here beside the Suez Canal.
          “r can sy that our views on most of
          what we discussed are identical, as
          usual,” Sadat said to reporters after-
          Strauss, aside from praise of Sadat's
          hospitality and efforts toward peace.
          refrained from characterizing his
          meeting . ‘ith the Egyptian president.
          It was seen by observers here as a
          business-like effort to keep Sadat
          abreast of U.S. moves on a possible
          ne/v U.N. resolution mentioning the
          rights of the Palestinian people in the
          hope of drawing some Palestinians
          into paiticipating in the autonomy
          talks set up under the March 26 Egyp-
          tian-Israeli treaty.
          ‘rue atmosphere here was in shari)
          contrast to that in Israel. where
          Strauss returns Sunday morning for
          what U.S. officials traveling with him
          expect to he a stormy Israeli response
          to the l)roposal for a new resolution.
          The Israeli Cabinet is expected to
          take UI) the U.S. suggestion at its
          weekly ine ting and Strauss is to see
          the Israeli leadership again after the
          Cabinet session.
          Prime Minister Menachem Begin
          made it deal- when Strauss raised the
          proposal yesterday in Jerusalem that
          he sharply opposed it, U.S. officials
          I-Ianging over the disagreement is
          an indirect Israeli threat to reconsidet '
          its commitment to participate in the
          autOnonly talks if, in israel's assess-
          ment, aiiy new resolution makes a
          substantial change in Security Coun
          cii Resolution 242.
          ‘rhe resolution refers to the Pales-
          tiniaiis as refugees with no mention
          of their “rights.” It s'as ambiguously
          /VOlded in order to end the 1976 Mid-
          ci'e East war l)Ut did call for Israeli
          withdrawal from occupied areas.
          Prime minister 1/lustafa Khali) of
          Egypt h 3 ublicly backed the U.S. in-
          tention to I)I'OPOSC a iie ' resolution
          designed to bring Palestinians into
          the l)eaCC process, calling it a way to
          gh'e the autonomy talks “new monica-
          Lu m .“
          Sadat also seemed to refer to this
          after his talks here tonight with
          Strauss, l)raising “Bob” for his Middle
          East travels and his work to give new
          momentum to the talks.
          The Egyptian leader, howewer, was
          quoted earlier today as calling Arab
          proposals for a new Security Council
          resolution “silly acts.” ‘rhis was inter-
          preted by diplomats in Cairo more as
          a jab at his Arab foes than as a seri-
          ous expression of O )poSitiOfl to the ef-
          forts at l'incling a new resolution to
          foster broadened autonomy talks.
          Egypt's official i'sliddle East News
          Agency quoted Sadat as telling a
          Chamber of Commclce and Industry
          group last night:
          “We have jumped beyond words and
          we are now sitting to talk about Pales-
          tinian automy. Are they going to be
          aI)Ie to produce that in the Security
          Council? Impossible. Silly acts, and acts
          that indicate bankruptcy on their part.”
          The Arab-backed PrOPosal s('olled
          at by Sadat includes a reference to a
          Palestinian right to return to tile land.
          that is now Israel and to establish an
          independent state. The United States
          has made it clear it cannot accept
          such an amendthent.
          For the first time, however, it has
          told the lsrae I leadership directly
          that it probably will pi-opose a corn-
          1)10fli15C resolution of its own, mend-
          ing a call for something similar to
          Palestinian self-determination.
          This, U.S. officials explained, is nec-
          essal'y if the U.S.-sponsored autonomy
          negotiations are to gain credibility iii
          the eyes of Palestinians and other Ar-
          al)S who are boycotting the negotia-
          In the IsraelI vie s', Resolution 242
          is the cornerstone ol the Camp David
          accords and the Ieace treaty with
          Egypt. Any changes in the resolution
          —even in the forn of additions—
          would be tantamount to changing the
          rules for application of the treaty,
          Israeli officials argue. . .‘
          The dispute with Washington ‘over
          242, added to disagreements ovei 5ev-
          eral othei- key issues, has biought
          U.S.-Israeli relations to their lowest
          ebb in several years. U.S. diplomats
          have complained that Begin and his
          colleagues appear convinced that by
          resisting strongly and loudly they can
          make / ‘ashington back away from its
          U.N. intitiative.
          U.S. officials traveling with Strauss
          increasingly give the i rnpressio it , how-
          ever, that a firm decision has been
          made in /Vashlgnton to go ahead with
          attempts to find a compromise Securi-
          ty Council resolution. even at tue
          cost of increased strain with Jerusa-
          56 Egyptian A ,-e Accused
          of Ti-ying to Replace Sadat
          CAIRO, Aug. 18—Fifty-six people
          have been ai-restéd and accused of try-
          ing to replace President Anwar Sadat
          with a Communist, Egyptian Prosecutor-
          General Salam B,.ashidi said today.
          Hashidi, in a statement relayed by
          the official news agency I/'IENA. said
          those arrested b Jopged to the banned
          Egyptian Communist Par.E and many
          had contacts ‘with hostile . go'verh.
          meets. He said they included six law-
          yet's, four j,jurnalists and a former
          member of parliament. None was
          nan ccI.
          Sadat made an apparent reference
          to the ai'r esl.s yesterday when he said
          at a meeting at his home village of
          Net Abul Kom that there were ele-
          ments in the country who wanted to
          exploit freedom. and democracy to
          corn mit sabotage and treason.
          ‘I'he left-wing Union l'rogressive
          Party said in . a statement two days
          ago that 23 of its leading members
          had been arrested. The party is legal,
          hut all Communist organizations are
          banned, although several are believed
          to operate se 'cretly. Some alleged
          members of the Egyptian Communist
          Pai'ty arc now standing trial on
          charges in connection s'ith the food
          riots of January 1977 in vvhich 80 peo-
          Pl C died.
          Meanwhile, Israeli navy vessels last
          •nighl. sank a rubber dil)ghy carrying
          Arab guerrillas on an attack mission.
          An Israeli Army spokesman said to-
          day. I-I.e said t iree 01 the four guerril-
          las aboardi thcboat were captured ac
          ter it was sunk off the lsraeli-Leba-
          nese coast. ‘the missing guerrilla was
          believed to have drowned.
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