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Kurdish Publication: The overthrow of Khomeini's regime

•The events in Uraman •The political office announcement in occasion of martyring of 13 Pishmarg in north of Kurdistan •The Central Committee announcement in occasion of 2nd Bahman (January 22) •Revolution deepening •Farewell to “Jegarkhoun” (a Kurdish revolutionary poet) Kurdistan Publication No 102

The central committee of the Democratic Party of Iran Kurdistan (PDKI)  1945

In this edition: (1)

  • The official announcements of the party
  • The facilitation of revolution
  • Farewell to "Jegarkhoun" (a Kurdish revolutionary poet)
  • Poetry

For the overthrow of Khomeini's regime: (1)

The 22nd of Bahman marks six years since the overthrow of the monarch (the Pahlavi regime) and since the establishment of the Islamic Republic, a regime that came into power at the cost of shedding the blood of tens of thousands of freedom seekers. However, none of the promises or goals that were fought for and lives were lost for were fulfilled by the regime established. Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Iran on the 12th of Bahman, 1357, while the people were still thirsty for freedom and hopeful for it.

The article suggests a few things:

1. There is a lack of unity and fragmentization in freedom fighter groups

2. A lack of a common platform for those fighting to overthrow or fighting against the Khomeini regime

3. To overthrow the Khomeini regime, the freedom fighters need to prioritize the Front Liberation movement's most essential needs, rather than emphasizing or getting stuck on minor differences between them.

4. The Kurdistan movement has been at the forefront of the movement, but it cannot resist the Khomeini regime by itself - other parties and political groups need to supplement Kurdistan's efforts.

5. If opposition to the Khomeini regime manifests itself in different regions of Iran, the regime will have to dispere it's forces, which will improve our capability to resist the regime.

6. We encourage attempts to foster a common platform, where we can work together to overthrow the regime.

The events in Uraman: (1) - (7) 

Announcement from the Political Office in the memory of the passing of 13 martyrs in Northern Kurdistan: (13)

Announcement from the secretartiat of the Central Committee H.D.K.A (Hezb Dimukrati Kurdistani Iran - PDKI - The Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran): (17)

A message from the Central Committee in celebration of the 2nd of Bahman: (18)

Deepening the revolution: (34)

Farewell to "Jegarkhoun": (38)


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