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Tortured students have reported, What happened in Guantanamo of Interior Ministry

A student activate who had been arrested a few nights ago in the University dormitory, along with other students has been under severe torture and sexual harassment in under ground of Interior Ministry. This student for security reasons, refused to mention his name, has definition his experiences… ... Read more

Iran Might Participate in the Trial at Hague

- Iran Might Participate in the Trial at Hague - Dr. Yazdi: Trial of the hostages is certain - Result of the Referendum in Various cities - Iran was told of the US' complaint to the Hague - All the civil and military responsibilities of Kurdistan was given to the Special Assembly

It Is Always Possible to Omit Banking Interest

- It Is Always Possible to Omit Banking Interest - Dr. Yazdi: Iraq. Egypt and Morocco have Banded Together Against Our Revolution - Military Education Will Be Given to the People of Dehloran - An Iraqi Officer and Two Iraqi Engineers Sought Asylum in Iran - Two Industrial Units Will Be Built in Ahvaz

I Have Accepted My Charges

Followed by Gooya News publication...Today, Siamak Pourzand appeared in the Special Court of Mehrebad. He was accused a while ago of "propagating against the regime, spying news for foreigners, illegitimate affairs" and was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment. He seemed unwell. He told ISNA reporter he was not tortured and was happy about the manner of his interviews. He said he was in solitary and prefers to remain there because he has insomnia and likes to write. He said he did not know where he was being kept originally but then was moved to where he is now. He said he decided to help the court appointed lawyer becasue the one his wife introduced likes to do interviews and that his current lawyer has done a lot for him. He said he has accepted the verdict and so far has had 6 visits from his sister.

Speaker of the Government: Ministry of Intelligence is Not Aware of What is Going On with Pourzand Case

وزیوکشور.هراحان طری خانه های محناف راثناسایی نگره ایم ... Read more

Ayatollah Montazeri's students were arrested

<p>Your browser does not support iframes</p> ... Read more

Hassan Rasouli and Abolfazl Ghediani were released

جنیننی را ٠ سبز . ارادی مسن رسولی و ابو الفضل فدبانی ... Read more

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