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The Brothers of a Man sentenced to Death in Election trials Say He was Deceived by Interrogators

Naser Abdolhosseini is among the people who were arrested after the presidential election. During the show trials, Abdolhosseini confessed to charges that were brought up ... Read more

According to the Decree of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Shiraz: Two Persons were Arrested Due to the Crime of Collaboration with Zionism

Zur Entwicklung seit 1979 Folgende Auswahl von Dokurnenten gibt einen kleineñ Eindruck der systernatischen Dis- ... Read more

They Killed an Iranian Student in the USA in a Very Tragic Manner

-Dr. Yazdi became responsible for managing the protests in provinces. -I declared the influence of SAVAK in Jomhouri e Khalgh Party 8 months ago -They killed an Iranian student in the USA in a very tragic manner -500 Iranian students were summoned to the Immigration office of the USA -Flow of American missiles towards Saudi Arabia -The reason for dismissal of the Associated Press journalist was revealed - An independent overseeing group can meet with the hostages. - Millions of Christmas cards were sent to the hostages - In reference to the crisis in Iran, US congress dismissed its one month long vacation - Imam Khomeini: Iran is not afraid of the US economic sanction. - International overseers meet with the hostages.

The details of stolen documents from Azad University

The research report of attack to the Azad University in Mashad was stolen from the board office of the Azad University. And also some other documents which have been related to the violations of the education certificates of some state managers have been stolen. These fake documents have been related to Mohammad Reza Rahimi, Saeed Mortazavi and some other senior state managers.

The political pressure canceled restoration nights ceremony at Imam Khomeini shrine

The political pressures and the events after election in this year for the first time caused to cancel the restoration nights (September 9 & 11& 13)at Imam Khomeini shrine. ... Read more

Hard physical situation of Majid Tavakkoli and Hossein Ronaghi and Kouhyar Goudarzi

Majid Tavakkoli and Hossein Ronaghi-Maleki who are in the fifth day of their hunger strike have faces with unappropriated situation. Majid Tavakkoli is not able to talk and his stomach is bleeding. Majid Tavakkoli and Kouhyar Goudarzi have been transferred to the hospital due to their bad physical situation after their hunger strike. Kouhyar Goudarzi was arrested in Dec. 20th 2009.

The 8 students arrested name in the Ferdowsi university in Mashhad

In Ashoura and also in the Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri's ceremony in the last five days in Mashad, about 25 students were arrested. Some of them were released in the last days but at least 8 of them are still in the detention. Their name is following: 1) Hossein Ghabel (Electrical Engineering) 2) Farid Fa'al (Industrial Engineering) 3) Hadi Sajjadi (Economic) 4) Ali Motahhari (Economic) 5) Mehdi Jafari (Administration) 6) Arsham Damqani 7) Mehran Hadashi 8) Amir Sabet-Moghaddam

Chapter 4 Part 1: The Position and Legal Jurisdiction of Organizations

Part 1 of Chapter 4 of The Difficult Duty of Supervising the Execution of the Constitution – Dr. Hossein Mehrpour

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