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The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Article 141 [Incompatibility]

(1) The President the deputies to the President Ministers and Government employees cannot hold more than one Government position, and it is forbidden for them to hold any kind of additional post in institutions of which all or a part of the capital belongs to the government or public institutions, to be a member of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, to practice the profession of attorney or legal adviser, or to hold the post of president managing director, or membership of the board of directors of any kind of private company, with the exception of cooperative companies affiliated to the government departments and institutions.

(2) Teaching positions in universities and research institutions are exempted from this rule.

Article 142 [Asset Control]

The assets of the Leader, the President, the deputies to the President, and Ministers, as well as those of their spouses and offspring, are to be examined before and after their term of office by the head of the judicial power, in order to ensure they have not increased in a fashion contrary to law.

Section 3 the Army and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps

Article 143 [Army Functions]

The Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran is responsible for guarding the independence and territorial integrity of the country, as well as the order of the Islamic Republic.

Article 144 [Islamic Army]

The Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran must be an Islamic Army, i.e., committed to Islamic ideology and the people, and must recruit into its service individuals who have faith in the objectives of the Islamic Revolution and are devoted to the cause of realizing its goals.

Article 145 [No Foreigners]

No foreigner will be accepted into the Army or security forces of the country.

Article 146 [No Foreign Military Base]

The establishment of any kind of foreign military base in Iran, even for peaceful purposes, is forbidden.

Article 147 [Peace Functions]

In time of peace, the government must utilize the personnel and technical equipment of the Army in relief operations, and for educational and productive ends, and the Construction Jihad while fully observing the criteria of Islamic justice and ensuring that such utilization does not harm the combat-readiness of the Army.

Article 148 [No Personal Use]

All forms of personal use of military vehicles, equipment, and other means, as well as taking advantage of Army and chauffeurs or bidden.

Article 149 [Promotions]

Promotions in military rank and their withdrawal take place in accordance with the law.

Article 150 [Islamic Revolution Guards Corps]

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, organized in the early days of the triumph of the Revolution, is to be maintained so that it may continue in its role of guarding the Revolution and its achievements. The scope of the duties of this Corps, and its areas of responsibility, in relation to the duties and areas of responsibility of the other Armed Forces, are to be determined by law with emphasis on brotherly cooperation and harmony among them.

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