The Press Law

Chapter 2: Requirements for Issuance of License and Permit for Publication

Article 11: Applicants for publication license must submit their application by completing a questionnaire covering the particulars of the applicant, his/her social, political, cultural, and professional background and legal commitments along with the following documents to the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance in Tehran or to the Ministry's provincial offices:
1. Four 4 x 6 photos
2. Two photocopies of all the pages of the birth certificate;
3. A non-penal conviction certificate showing the applicant has not committed any act which has led to his deprivation of the social rights according to the Islamic codes; and
4. A photocopy of the application's latest educational certificate confirmed by the related department

Article 12: In case the applicant for a publication license is a legal person, the request for the license should be coupled with a letter of introduction by the highest official in the related organization introducing a qualified managing director. In case of approval, the license shall be issued in the name of the center that has requested the license.

Article 13: Political associations, parties, organizations, and religious minorities may apply for a publication license provided that they have a legal permit for operation.

Article 14: The Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance may examine and issue publication licenses to Islamic liberation organizations of other countries within the framework of regulations governing foreigners residing in Iran, after inquiring the opinion of related departments, collecting necessary documents and soliciting the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Article 15: A government or private organization, institute or company may publish an internal bulletin after receiving a license from the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance by observing the following requirements:
1. The application for the bulletin must be made by the highest authority in the organization and it should include the name of the managing director.
2. Articles and news must be mainly related to the applicant's objectives and duties and the bulletin must be published only for the use of the concerned employees.
3. The cover of the bulletin must be plain and no more than two colors should be used in it.
4. The number of its pages must not exceed 48.
5. The bulletin must be distributed free of charge.
Note 1: (Deleted on September 20, 1987.)
Note 2: The issuance of licenses for government organizations is subject to the observation of other pertinent regulations

Article 16: (Deleted on September 20, 1987)

Article 17: The Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance shall issue a license for the license holder and an identification card for the managing director of the publication

Article 18: The Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance may conduct necessary investigations for implementation of the provisions of Article 11 of the Press Law and report the findings to the Press Supervisory Board. The related ministries and organs are also required to collaborate with the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance in this connection.

Article 19: Applicants disqualified by the Press Supervisory Board based on paragraph 4 or Note 5 of Article 9 of the Press Law are not permitted to reapply for publishing a publication.

Article 20: The official date of registration of an application for publication license shall be the date when all the required documents are submitted by the applicant.

Article 21: In case of death of the license holder, his/her legal qualified heirs shall have the priority to reapply for the license unless they lack the required qualifications. Should the heirs fail to apply for renewal of the license (in their own name) during the term specified in Article 16 of the Press Law, or, fail to publish the publication after obtaining the renewed license, their license shall be revoked. (Reformed on 17/9/1987)

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