The Press Law

Chapter 5: Qualifications of the Applicant and Stages of Issuing a License

Article 8: It is permissible to publish publications under the responsibility of real or legal persons with Iranian capital after obtaining a license from the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance. Using foreign aid directly or indirectly by the publications is forbidden and considered a crime.
Note 1: Those publications which are published by Islamic liberation movements of other countries may be published with non-Iranian capital and directorship within the framework of the regulations governing expatriates in Iran and upon the approval of the ministries of Islamic Culture and Guidance and Foreign Affairs.
Note 2: Aides of foreign non governmental real or legal persons that are received with the supervision of Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and the Foreign Ministry are not subject to this law.
Note 3: Transferring the license of a publication definitely, conditionally, for loan of such as, is illegal and considered a crime unless a written request is submitted by the owner of the license and approved by the Press Supervisory Board.

Article 9: a. A real person who applies for a license must have the following qualifications:
1. Be a citizen of Iran;
2. Be at least 25 years old;
3. Be free of incapacity, or, bankruptcy by fraud or guilt;
4. Be free of moral corruption, or, a record of criminal conviction which, according to the Islamic code, strips him/her of social rights; and
5. He / she must possess at least a bachelor's degree, or, have completed basic seminary education verified by the Press Supervisory Board as mentioned in Article 10 of the by-law.
6. Follow up and active belief in the Constitution.
b. Legal persons requesting license must hold one of the following condition:
1. The legal proceeding for registering a legal person must be done and in their constitution or Law of Formation, it must be allowed to have a publication.
2. The area of activity of the publication must correspond to the area of activity of the legal person and the geographic area of publication must be that of the legal person.
Note 1: An applicant for a publication license should introduce himself/herself or another qualified person as a legally-responsible director for the publication as outlined in this article.
Note 2: For internal publications published and distributed free of charge by government or private organizations, institutes and companies merely for the information of their employees only a permit from the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance would suffice provided the provisions of Article 2 of this law are observed.
Note 3: One cannot publish more than one publication under a single license.
Note 4: The license holder is responsible for the general policies of the publication and the responsibility for any article published by the publication or any other affairs related to the publication lies with its managing director.
Note 5: Prime ministers, ministers, governors general, army, police and gendarmerie commanders, heads of government departments, managing directors and chairmen of the boards of government companies and banks, Majlis and Senate deputies, ambassadors, governors, mayors, heads of city councils in Tehran and provincial capitals, members of SAVAK (the former Shah's intelligence agency), heads of departments of Rastakhiz Party (of the former regime) in Tehran and provincial capitals and towns, those affiliated to the former regime who held similar posts from 15 Khordad 1342 (June 5, 1963) to 22 Bahman 1357 (Feb. 11, 1979) or those who have publicly spoken in favor of the former regime through the news media, radio or TV, are prohibited from publishing a publication.
Note 6: Press Supervisory Board is responsible to, in order to investigate the competency of the applicant and the General Manager, request information of competent authorities (Ministry of Intelligence, Justice, and the Law Enforcement Forced of the Islamic Republic of Iran). The aforementioned authorities must announce their opinion to the Supervisory Board along with valid documents and statements within a maximum of two months. In the absence of a response from the aforementioned authorities and absence of a reason to prove otherwise, their competence is considered approved.
Note 7: the responsibility for the articles and pieces published in the publication is with the general manager, but this responsibility will not negate the responsibility of the writer and all others who were involved in the commission of the crime.
Note 8: Members or supporters of anti revolutionary or illegal groups and those sentenced by the Islamic Revolutionary Courts for anti revolutionary activities or activities against national or foreign securities, as well as those who propagate and conduct activities against the Islamic Republic of Iran do not have the right to have press activity or accept a post in a publication.

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