The Press Law

Article 13: Three months after receiving an application for a press license, the Press Supervisory Board must determine the competence of the applicant or the responsible managing director by close observation of the provisions of the present law and it must announce its acceptance or rejection to the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance, citing related reasons and evidence. The Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance is required to issue a press license to the applicant not later than two months after receipt of the approval of the Press Supervisory Board.

Article 14: In case a managing director happens to lack the qualifications specified in Article 9, or he/she dies or resigns, the license holder is bound to introduce another qualified managing director within a maximum period of three months to the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance. Otherwise his/her publication shall be banned. Meanwhile, as long as the qualification of the managing director has not been approved, the license holder shall be responsible for the publication and the liabilities of the managing director.

Article 15: The Press Supervisory Board shall announce its acceptance or rejection of the managing director within a maximum period of three months after the matter has been forwarded to it by the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance.

Article 16: The license holder is bound to publish his/her intended publication within six months after receipt of his/her license. Otherwise he/she will receive a written warning and a 15-day respite to publish his/her magazine/newspaper. Should, after this warning, the license holder fail to present a plausible excuse for failure to publish, his/her publication license shall be revoked. Meanwhile, failure to regularly publish a publication within a year without plausible excuse, too, shall result in the cancellation of the license (upon the discretion of the Press Supervisory Board). Note: Publications published on an annual basis (such as year books) shall be exempt from the above ruling but should the license holder fail to publish the magazine after one year his/her license shall be revoked.

Article 17: Licenses issued on the basis of the previous regulations for the existing publications shall continue to be valid provided three months after the enforcement of this law the license holder takes steps to adapt himself/herself with the provisions of this law.

Article 18: Each issue of a publication should bear the name of the license holder, managing director, office address and the address of the printing house where the publication is printed. Moreover, the publication must insert its field of activity (religious, scientific, political, economic, literary, artistic, etc.) and its order of appearance in a fixed page and column. Printing houses are also required to comply with this article.

Article 19: Publications are permitted to publish commercial advertisements for products and services whose qualities have been officially verified by one of the recognized research centers in the country, by complying with the provisions of Article 12 of the regulations covering the establishment and supervision of the method of operation of advertising organizations, and its related paragraphs.
Note: In cases where according to the above article, the press is allowed to publish advertisements including remarks in praise of goods and services, such remarks may go beyond the remarks specified in official commendation letters issued by legal authorities referred to in this article.

Article 20: Every newspaper or magazine must procure sealed ledgers, according to the law, and record all its expenditures and revenues in them and submit an annual balance sheet covering its revenues and expenditures to the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance. The Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance shall inspect these financial ledgers whenever it deems appropriate.
Note: Every month all publications are required to provide the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance with statistics on their monthly circulation, in writing.

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