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Ahmad Reza Jalali, Iranian Scientist Residing in Sweden, Sentenced to Death in an Unfair Trial

(October 26, 2017) Ahmad Reza Jalali, an Iranian scientist residing in Sweden, has been sentenced to death by the Iranian judiciary. In an interview with IHRDC, his wife, Vida Mehrannia, indicated that Jalali had not received a fair judicial process, and that his attorney was only allowed to speak for two minutes during his trial. ... Read more

A Brief Outlook on Upcoming Presidential and Local Elections in Iran

Iran’s presidential and municipal elections, scheduled for May 19, will be held with the familiar pattern of candidate disqualification seen in the past. Six men, including incumbent President Hassan Rouhani, will vie for the presidency out of 1636 individuals who registered as candidates. Some candidates might drop out in remaining days in favor of others, however. ... Read more

Open Letter from Imprisoned Human Rights Defender Narges Mohammadi to the Head of the Iranian Judiciary

(February 10, 2016) – On Monday, February 8, 2016, Narges Mohammadi, a member of the Center for Defenders of Human Rights and a civil rights activist, sent an open letter to Sadegh Larijani, the head of the Iranian judiciary. Ms. Mohammadi was arrested in May 2015 and has been charged with national security crimes. She and other inmates held at Evin Prison’s women’s ward have been barred from making phone calls to their families for seven months. ... Read more

Iran’s Legislative Elections through the Eyes of a Former Political Prisoner

  (February 8, 2016) – On February 26, 2016, the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) will stage elections for the tenth term of its parliament, the ... Read more

Is the Iranian Government Ignoring the Health Care Needs of Prisoners?

(January 22, 2016) -- Although it is a common problem for inmates in Iran, government negligence in the provision of adequate medical care to prisoners in health centers and hospitals in Iran typically escapes media coverage. Iran’s Prisons Regulations charge prison authorities with the responsibility of ensuring access to medical care for prisoners, but nonetheless the medical treatment of injured or sick prisoners is often disrupted due to administrative or financial oversight. In 2014, Iran was estimated to hold 210,000 persons in its prisons. Overcrowding, lack of access to clean potable water, skin diseases and other communicable diseases such as HIV and tuberculosis have been reported as common issues facing inmates in prisons across Iran. ... Read more

Alleged Juvenile Offender at Risk of Imminent Execution

(October 12, 2015) –The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC) has learned that the execution of Fatemeh Salbehi, a woman convicted of murdering her husband when she was 17, is imminent. Salbehi, who had married her second husband as a result of family pressure, was in her high school’s library when she was arrested in April 2009. During subsequent interrogations, she admitted to killing her husband. But Salbehi had not been afforded access to counsel at the time that she confessed. Salbehi later retracted her confession and stated that she had made the confession under duress. ... Read more

Majid Moghaddam on Ward 8 of Evin Prison: "A Reminder of Kahrizak Detention Center"

Late last month Majid Moghaddam, a prisoner of conscience and former detainee at Kahrizak Detention Center was granted bail as his six-year sentence on charges relating to political crimes such as ‘gathering and conspiring against domestic and national security’, ‘dissemination propaganda against the regime’, ‘insulting the Leadership’, and the additional charge of illegal exit from Iran entered the appeals phase before Branch 39 of the Appellate Court of Tehran. Prior to his release, Mr. Moghaddam had spent nearly eight months in detention, the first several months of which he was held incommunicado in Ward 2A of Evin Prison, which is administered by the Intelligence Division of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). After being sentenced in an initial trial, last five months of Mr. Moghaddam’s detention were spent in Ward 8 of the same prison. ... Read more

Continued Uncertainty regarding the Fate of Mohammad Ali Taheri

(July 8, 2015)—In recent weeks rumors have abounded that Mohammad Ali Taheri, the leader of a spiritual movement known as Erfan-e Halgheh, has been sentenced to death. The Iranian judiciary has denied these reports, but in the absence of clear information regarding his ultimate fate or even his current condition, lingering concerns remain. Taheri was first arrested in April 2010. In December 2011, Branch 26 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court sentenced Taheri to five years of imprisonment, 74 lashes, and a fine of 910, 500,000 toumans (approximately $671,000 per the exchange rate at the time). These sentences were based on charges of insulting sacred religious values, obtaining an illegitimate income, engaging in religiously prohibited acts, the dissemination of audiovisual material, and the illegal practice of medicine. The last of these charges stems from alternative medicine practices promoted by Taheri’s spiritual movement. ... Read more

Iranian Writer Sentenced to Death for Apostasy

(June 20, 2015) – The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC) has learned that Hesameddin Farzizadeh, a 23-year-old former nuclear physics student, has been sentenced to death for apostasy by the Criminal Court of Meshkinshahr in Ardabil province. A source with knowledge of the case indicates that Farzizadeh was arrested in a raid on his house in November 2014 by plainclothes Ministry of Intelligence (MOI) agents and held incommunicado at the MOI facility in the town for several days before being transferred to Meshkinshahr Prison, where he has been held since. The charge of apostasy stems from a book written by Farzizadeh, entitled “From Islam to Islam”, in which Farzizadeh examines the history of Shi’a Islam and raises questions about certain facets of Shi’a ideology. For instance, in his book Farzizadeh reportedly questions the existence of the Twelfth Imam, who, according to Shi’a theology, is a messianic figure who is to eventually reappear as a latter-day savior of humanity. ... Read more

Letter from Political Prisoners Held in Gohardasht, Evin and Orumiyeh Prisons to the UN Special Rapporteur Ahmed Shaheed Regarding the Death Sentence of Saman Nasim

Saman Nasim during his televised confession in 2011 (Photo credit: HRANA) (February 17, 2015) – Last Friday, twenty Iranian political prisoners detained in three separate prisons ... Read more

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