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Silencing the Women's Rights Movement in Iran

The cell was very cold, and the blankets were thin. The authorities did not allow her to receive visitors for three weeks, after which they permitted her family to visit every Thursday.190

Kakaee was detained for roughly a month and a half. Mansoureh Shojaee, a prominent women's rights activist, was held in the cell adjacent to Kakaee's." 191 Leila Tavasoli, the daughter of Mohammad Tavasoli (a member of Iran 's Freedom Movement), was in Kakaee's cell. While at Evin, Kakaee also saw Somayeh Rashidi, a member of the One Million Signatures Campaign, who had been arrested for her activities with the Campaign and accused of "waging war against god" (muharibih). Rashidi told her she had been badly beaten by prison authorities in the basement of Evin." 192

The prison interrogator denied Kakaee access to counsel-she never spoke to a lawyer. She could not afford the high bail amount that was set, and her parents had to put up a financial guarantee of one-third of their monthly income to secure her release from Evin on February 17, 2009.193 After her release, Kakaee's interrogator called her almost every day, made threats and told her that her interrogations were not over. He tried to pressure her into convincing other CHRR members to turn themselves into the authorities. He demanded the passwords to her email accounts. Kakaee suspected the state was already monitoring her email and sent an email to her network telling them she could not be in contact with them anymore.

I was terribly upset. Once I sat behind the computer and deleted everything - my weblog, my writings, and my email. I sent an email to everyone explaining that I could no longer stay in touch. My father thought I was going crazy. After that, I no longer had the mental capacity to handle the pressures." 194

She left Iran and lives in exile.195

Forough Mirzaei, Maryam Ghanbari and Mohammad Mostafaei

Forough Mirzaei, a lawyer who represents many women's rights activists, was arrested with her husband Roozbeh Karimi, a journalist, on the night of Saturday, January 2, 2010. For 35 days, the authorities refused to tell her family about her whereabouts or health. She was released from Evin prison the night of February 9, 2010, along with Mahin Fahimi, a member of "Mothers for Peace."" 196

Intelligence agents arrested Maryam Ghanbari, another lawyer known for representing women's rights activists, at her home in Tehran on February 8, 2010. They did not show a warrant or provide cause for searching her home but confiscated her computer. On February 12, she contacted her family and informed them that she is being kept in one of the three person cells of Ward 209 of Evin prison. She was released on 50 million t omans bail (roughly USD $50,000) on the evening of February 28, 2010.197

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