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Murder at Mykonos: Anatomy of a Political Assassination


IHRDC gathered information for this report from the examination of the following sources:

Testimony of victims and witnesses. These included witness statements taken by the IHRDC attorneys, accounts written at the time of the events, and personal memoirs.

Government documents. These include recorded public statements by state officials in both Iran and Germany, statements released by Iranian and German government agencies, and documents relating to the judicial proceedings in Germany, including transcripts of courtroom testimony.

Books and articles written by private individuals. These include newspaper reports, magazine articles, and accounts written by the survivors of the attack.

Photographs of the crime scene. Photographs of the interior of the Mykonos Restaurant after the attack were released to the public.

Where the report cites or relies on information provided by government actors or other involved parties it specifies the source of such information and evaluates the information in light of the relative reliability of each source. The documents cited in this report can be reviewed in their original format at www.iranhrdc.org.

IHRDC follows the transliteration system used by International Journal of the Middle East Studies. Wellknown Iranian proper names are presented as they usually appear in the press.

Finally, in the interests of full disclosure, the IHRDC wishes to place on record that eyewitness Parviz Dastmalchi was employed by the Center as a consultant for the duration of much of this project, conducting invaluable research on our behalf in the German records of the Mykonos incident.

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