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Ctrl+Alt+Delete: Iran's Response to the Internet

The [detainees] were essentially left alone in their cells after being ordered to prepare themselves for trial. Hanif presented his defense, which was rejected by the interrogator (who told him to eliminate certain things and elaborate on others). Finally the situation came to an end with his release pursuant to our posting bail.

Hanif spent 59 of his 66 days of detention in a solitary cell which measured 2 by 1.5 meters. Aside from his interrogation sessions, he was only allowed to exit his cell on three occasions (and for merely 3 minutes) in order to go to the bathroom. During interrogations he was repeatedly subject to beatings and [psychological] pressure. From what [we] could gather, the interrogator was named “Keshavarz.” He was short, about 50 to 60 years old, had a brown-colored beard and was relatively large. Food and sanitary conditions inside the prison were average. There were others detained there (besides those arrested in connection with the Internet sites). The prison was administered by the Law Enforcement Forces.

Of course as I mentioned in my previous letter, Judiciary officials failed to reveal the location of this detention facility. In light of the observance and evidence, this facility operated outside the jurisdiction of the State Prisons Organization and was illegal. Hanif was able to come up with the exact location of the facility pursuant to the information he gathered [while in detention].

Many of the individuals who were arrested in connection with this issue endured the same consequences as those suffered by Hanif. The 13 individuals who have so far been released on bail didn’t have a serious issue to be taken to court over, but it appears that they are preparing moral charges for the remaining 8 so they can put an end to this case! God save these individuals. These illegal and oppressive actions are nothing more than the “politics of terror” and harassment. How will these individuals, who constantly speak of justice and profess their piety ad nauseum, answer for their cruel and inhumane actions on Judgment Day? It is clear that at this point, they do not feel as though they have to answer to anyone or anything. I intend to draft a letter to the Supreme Leader shortly, in which I shall detail the reality that exists under his rule.

I have also enclosed a copy of a handwritten note which they wanted Hanif to read during a televised interview before his release. He resisted, and they forgot to retrieve the [confession letter] from him!

May God end all our affairs in a blessed manner …

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