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Ctrl+Alt+Delete: Iran's Response to the Internet

5 - A few of the more infamous members of this network who held or continue to hold posts in this regime include “Mohammad Ali A., Isa S., Mostafa T., Behzad N., Mohsen M., Mostafa D., Massoud, H., and … After attracting new members (which mainly occurred via the reformist newspapers), these individuals conduct informational sessions designed to bring new members into the network.

6 - After a period of activity with the reformist newspapers, the newly absorbed members receive awards from media and cultural festivals with the assistance of the network’s agents in the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Journalists Union, Writers Union and [other] influential members in the government. Or they receive accolade and praise as influential journalists! And then with the help of the previously identified agents they are sent abroad, where they engage in digging up dirt against the regime, high-ranking officials, and [this regime’s] sacred and revolutionary values in the most abhorrent fashion. The following are examples of such people: Ali Bastani, Jamshid Barzegar, Camilia Entekhabifar, Sa’id Razavi Faqih, Nushabeh Amiri, Mehdi Khalaji, Nima Tamadon, Kayvan Hosseini, Farin Asemi, Majid Mohammadi, and ...

7 - Individuals from this network who have infiltrated positions of authority within the regime or have (or had) responsibilities such as representative of the Majlis, vice minister, and … send these new members of the network abroad as part of official delegations. Dispatching [these members] serves two objectives: the attractions of the trips abroad are used to encourage and persuade the recruited members, and [the trip] paves the way for their future presence and influence as reporters and journalists inside important power centers within the regime ...

8 - Even though the companies who offer services to these websites and blogs and provide them with necessary servers are Iranian and have been officially registered in Iran, the sites and blogs of this spiderlike network cannot be filtered or blocked. Why? Because their service is provided outside of the country’s official authority (the Telecommunications Company of Iran), and these companies have illegal and secret contact with some satellite offices in Europe and abroad (and use these offices and their services). Therefore, the communication lines of the websites and blogs belonging to this network do not pass the country’s official data points and cannot, therefore, be controlled or filtered. In other words, this network has its own special and distinct telecommunications circuit, which is accessed via telecommunications and satellite networks in the United States and Europe, and operates in violation of this nation’s current laws.

The abbreviated names of some of the companies that have illegally and secretly received services from foreign providers in order to administer the sites of this spider-like network are as follows: Company N, Company B, Company A, Company P, and ... Mr. Mostafa D. (a member of the Informatic Council and a government member of the Islamic Iran Participation Front, who founded one of the aforementioned companies and provided the sites and blogs of this network with their communication needs), H. N. (the child of one of the members of the Journalists Union), and Reza V (a contact of one of the extremist “reformist” front groups) are some of the more active members of these companies.

9 - After receiving news from members of this network inside Iran, the command and control center of the network in the United States transfers its propaganda in the form of news, reports, analysis and articles to European centers, and from there sends it to main network contacts inside Iran. This propaganda – usually an article or a report – then appears with the signature of a low-level member of the network on sites such as Emrooz, Gooya News, PeykNet and ... or is published in one of the reformist newspapers. And after that, foreign news agencies and American, European and Israeli officials rely on these news reports (which are fabricated and disseminated by them) in order to launch widespread propaganda campaigns against the regime, Islam and high-ranking Iranian officials.

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