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Ctrl+Alt+Delete: Iran's Response to the Internet

10 - The aforementioned network uses blogs and Internet chat [rooms] to stimulate the sexual desires of the youth. Then certain domestic members of the network contact those who are more likely to be recruited in this way and introduce them to houses of corruption, prostitution …

11 - A few years ago Mr. Younesi, the honorable Minister of Intelligence, announced that his ministry had identified influential members of some of these media outlets. If these allegations are true – and how can they not be – it is not clear why nothing was done to combat these networks. How can [the responsible authorities] explain releasing our innocent youth into the clutches of these wild wolves?!

12 - There are many more things to say about this network, its objectives and the nature of its activities. We will address these issues in further detail in the near future.

13 - The name “Spider House” was selected for this network in light of verse 41 of the Surah Ankabut, which reads: “The tale of those who shunned God and took other than him as friends is similar to the house that the spider builds and this is while the frailest of houses is that which the spider builds.”

14 - And finally … these days coincide with the impending anniversary of the birth of our absent desired [leader] – may our spirits be sacrificed to the ground he walks on. Perhaps it would have been more appropriate to write today’s note in his holy honor, but to the extent that battling what he won't approve of is a sign of waiting, we hope that he doesn’t fault us and accepts our excuse since we put pen to paper in hopes of his approval.

Hossein Shariatmadari

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