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Ctrl+Alt+Delete: Iran's Response to the Internet

Tamimi said, “When Mohsen Sazegara introduced me to Sa’id Haqqi at Mellat (newspaper), we collaborated with each other at this newspaper (and later at Mardom Salari) in an effort to taint and destroy the regime’s image.”

With regard to his other covert activities, Tamimi referred to manipulation of the media during Sazegara’s imprisonment through the [United] Republican Party and the newspaper Mardom Salari, [both of which] suggested that there was an absence of freedom in the country.

Tamimi said, “When the representatives of the Sixth Majlis protested, I spoke to Setareh Derakhshan of Voice of America and said that the actions of the reformists were not enough. When Zahra Kazemi passed away and events unfolded in the universities, I meticulously and artfully wrote many reports in order to put more pressure on the regime.”

This accused added, “Sa’id Haqqi, Sazegara and Sholeh Sa’di played an active role in creating a media war regarding the aforementioned issues, and I was their pawn in the war they waged against the regime of the Islamic Republic.”

In response to the question of whether such acts were premeditated, Tamimi acknowledged, “In the incident of Zahra Kazemi’s death, a meeting was formed along with members of the [United] Republicans Party in which Sa’id Haqqi decided to write an article titled Mourning for Estefan (Zahra Kazemi’s son), in which he aggressively accused the Judiciary.”

He said, “Under the supervision of progressive folks such as Tajzadeh and Behzad Nabavi, we attempted to publish articles condemning the regime on Internet websites because it was less likely that the newspapers, which were more cautious, would publish them.”

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