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Violent Aftermath: The 2009 Election and Suppression of Dissent in Iran

Violent Aftermath: The 2009 Election and Suppression of Dissent in Iran

This preliminary report documents and analyzes the regime’s brutal suppression of dissent after the June 12, 2009 presidential elections. Hours before the incumbent, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was declared the victor on election day, the regime began arresting opposition politicians, journalists and other activists. The arrests continued through the end of the year as did demonstrations that were met with violence by the regime’s security apparatus. This report documents in detail dozens of human rights abuses of Iranians and foreigners—including beatings, kidnappings, rapes and murders—and analyzes the perpetrators’ liability under Iranian and international law.

General Indictments by the Islamic Republic’s Prosecutor:

First Indictment
Second Indictment
Third Indictment
Fourth Indictment


Table of Contents



1. The Election

1.1 The Presidential Election Process

1.2 The 2009 Election and Allegations of Fraud

1.2.1 Election Results are Announced

1.2.2 Fraud Allegations are Lodged 

2. Demonstrations 

2.1 Saturday, June 13: Demonstrations are Sparked 

2.2 Sunday, June 14: Students are Arrested and Killed in Dormitories

2.3 Monday, June 15: Millions Take to the Streets 

2.4 Tuesday, June 16 through Friday, June 19: Mourning the Dead and Friday Prayers

2.5 Saturday, June 20: Demonstrations are Crushed

2.6 Summer into Winter 2009: Demonstrations on Remembrance Days

2.6.1 July 9: Anniversary of 1999 Attack on Dormitories

2.6.2 July 17: Rafsanjani’s Friday Prayer

2.6.3 July 30: Mourning the Dead

2.6.4 September 18: Quds Day

2.6.5 November 4 (13th of Aban): Anniversary of U.S. Embassy Takeover

2.6.6 December 7: National Student Day

2.6.7 December 20: Ayatollah Montazeri’s Death

2.6.8 December 27: Ashura

2.7 Violations of Iranian and International Law

2.7.1 Violations of Right to Assembly

2.7.2 Excessive Use of Force 

2.7.3 Failure to Protect Right to Life and Murder

3. Arrests and Detention of Demonstrators 

3.1 Kahrizak Detention Center

3.2 Violations of Iranian and International Law

3.2.1 Arbitrary Arrests and Denial of Due Process Rights

3.2.2 Denial of Medical Care, Mistreatment, Torture, Forced Confessions and Death

3.2.3 Forced Disappearances

4. Arrests of Civil Activists, Journalists, and Opposition

4.1 Non-Demonstrators are Arrested

4.2 Former Officials are Arrested

4.3 Dual Citizens, Foreign Nationals and Embassy Workers are Arrested 

4.4 Violations of Iranian and International Law

5. Mass Show Trials 

5.1 The First Mass Show Trial 

5.2 The Second Mass Show Trial

5.3 The Third Mass Show Trial

5.4 The Fourth Mass Show Trial 

5.5 The Fifth Mass Show Trial

5.6 Detainees are Sentenced

5.7 Violations of Iranian and International Law

5.7.1 Right to Counsel

5.7.2 Convictions Based on Forced Confessions 


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