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Witness Statement: Hassan Zarezadeh Ardeshir

37. Prison 59 was located in Eshratabad, which is an old military base. The prison had a long corridor that was connected to another, forming a T-shape. On each side of the corridor there were 8 cells. However, the cells on the right side of the corridor were smaller than the left. Room # 1 on the left side, which was larger in size, was called the “confession room.” At one end of the corridor were the investigators rooms and on the other side of it were restrooms, bathrooms and a barber room.

38. I was in Prison 59 for five months and a few days, from June 2001 to November 2001. Investigators were trying to convince us that Prison 59 belonged to the Judiciary but we knew it did not.

39. Early in the morning, the military trained at Prison 59. We could hear their voices and the sound of military marching. Instructions were usually given using a loudspeaker and we could hear them. I was interrogated in two rooms and my investigators were an officer from IRGC while I was in Prison 59. After Prison 59 was closed, Khatam was opened and it could be open now. Khatam did not have a doctor but Prison 59 did.

40. Khatam was the worst of all the prisons I’ve ever been in. I was in Prison 59 for 5 months, but the month I was in Khatam was a hundred times worse then the five months I was in Prison 59. In one month my hair turned gray in Khatam. I was broken there.

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