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Witness Statement: Shahram Rafizadeh

My Charges


50. My trial for the following charges is still ongoing in Iran.2

  • Propaganda against the regime via writing on weblogs and internet sites;
  • Insulting religious authority;
  • Propaganda against the Revolutionary Guards;
  • Disturbing the public peace by writing provocative articles on weblogs and internet sites;
  • Attempts against the national security;
  • Provoking armed resistance against the Islamic Republic of Iran;
  • Participating in dangerous gatherings;
  • Establishing political and military groups for the purpose of overthrowing the Islamic Republic of Iran;
  • Membership in unlawful political and military groups inside or outside the country;
  • Drinking alcohol.

51. My court sessions were never open to the public, but the Iranian Students News Agency and other news outlets often reported on them.

52. I was released from prison on bail. I escaped the country after my release.


2 On February 4, 2009, Rafizadeh and several others were finally sentenced. Rafizadeh was sentenced to 9 months imprisonment and 20 lashes.

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