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Witness Statement: Mohsen Sazegara

18. Section 325 (which is also known as Section 2A) was built in early 2000 by the Revolutionary Guards at the southeastern corner of the Evin complex. Not only is this facility separate from all the other wards in Evin, but it also has a separate gate through which only officials [linked to these sections] are allowed access. The detainees in this ward are not allowed to have visitors. All meetings with family members or representatives from the UN or other countries take place in other sections of Evin Prison.

19. I don’t know exactly how many solitary cells are located inside Section 325. Each solitary cell measures 170 cm in width, 230 cm in length and 320 cm in height. A small window covered with metal bars is located at the top of the walls of the solitary cells in this ward. Opposite the window is a ventilator that injects cold or warm air inside the cell, and another one which allows air out. Under this vent there is a metal door which has a trap door at the bottom used to provide food, and one at the top used for monitoring the prisoners. If you wish to speak to the guard you must place a narrow color card that has been provided to you under the door. Once the guard arrives you can communicate with him through the small trap door on top. The walls of these cells are made of grey stone which reaches two meters in height, and the floor is covered with green carpet. Attached to the cell’s ceiling is a lamp which emits a harsh light.

20. Unlike the solitary cells located in Evin’s general ward (which were built during the Shah’s time), solitary cells in Section 325 do not have any toilets. Detainees are always blindfolded when outside their cells. If detainees wish to use the toilet they must utilize the same color card I previously referred to. Sometimes as punishment the guards prevent detainees from using the restroom.

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