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Witness Statement: Mohsen Sazegara

21. I was detained in the Ministry of Intelligence’s ward at Evin (Section 209) for a while, and later spent some time in Section 325 administered by the PIA. Because I was on a hunger strike and consumed only water and six sugar cubes during sunrise and sunset, I didn’t need to go to the bathroom much. Despite this, the lack of access to restroom facilities was troubling. I was allowed to get some fresh air [when I was detained inside Section 325], but this was not done out of mercy or concern. The interrogators were aware that if they prisoners lacked access to fresh air they would get sick and become a burden to both the interrogators and the guards. They took me outside to the prison yard about once or twice a week, and I would take a stroll in the old yard (which allegedly used to be the home of Zia Tabataba’i in the latter half of the previous century).

22. They provided me with three blankets in this prison. I used one of them as a pillow, the other as a cover and the last one as a mattress. Sometimes when an argument ensued between the detainees and the prisoners or guards, they would take the blankets away as punishment. One time they confiscated my blankets. It was cold but I was forced to sleep without it throughout the evening. They returned the blankets the next morning. Sometimes they allowed us more blankets if we requested them.

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