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Witness Statement: Fariba Davoodi Mohajer

Harassment After Release


48. The PIA caused me problems in two ways after my release. First were the backto- back interrogations that occurred in the chambers of the judge assigned to my case, which I referred to previously. And second were the surveillance, threats and kidnappings that occurred periodically and unexpectedly. In relation to the latter, I can easily say that I was under constant surveillance for a year after my release.

49. With regard to the first problem, they would call me randomly and asked me to go to Judge Haddad’s office. I was threatened for everything I did. Once there, I was threatened for my activities and interrogated the same way I was interrogated in the secret detention center. The interrogation room was next to Judge Haddad’s office. Interrogations usually started at 9:00 a.m. and continued until mid-day, although lasting sometimes until 10:00 p.m. In the first week after my release, this type of interrogation happened three times. I was interrogated for several hours each time. I remember spending the first three days after my release in the room next to Judge Haddad’s office. I was interrogated and questioned about my beliefs in Judge Haddad’s office two to three times a week in the first month after my release. Sometimes Judge Haddad personally interrogated me. He made me sit facing the wall. Once during an interrogation, Judge Haddad said, “Your time is over now. You have failed; you are crushed and defeated.”

50. After some time, the frequency of these types of interrogations reduced to once a week. After that whenever I became active or something happened in Tehran, they called, questioned and interrogated me in Judge Haddad’s office.

51. After two years my trial convened. It was not attended by my lawyer or journalists. The court handed down a three year suspended sentence and warned me that if I continue to engage in political activity I would again be imprisoned.

52. The second problem occurred as a result of the kidnappings and constant surveillance. I could not predict when and how they would capture me. I was always nervous because all of a sudden they would appear in front of me and would start threatening me. For example, someone once threatened me with a gun on Shahrak Gharb Avenue in front of the Karaj Golestan. He warned me not to make a scene and ordered me to follow him quietly. It was around 8:00 p.m. and it was already dark. They took me to the back alley. I think I had seen one of the guys in prison during the same day that they confronted me with Seyyed Montazeri so that I would testify against him. Yes – I had seen him there, because at that time I didn’t have a blindfold on. They threatened me again and told me to stop my political activities and not give interviews to the media. They didn’t keep me for long, but they made some serious threats and assured me that they wouldn’t [be as lenient] next time.

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