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Witness Statement: Ensafali Hedayat

50. Sometimes I would hear sounds of moaning coming from underground or elsewhere while [I was detained at] the intelligence office. These sounds increased my sense of worry. I imagined that they had detained my children and were torturing them. I didn’t really have a reason to worry this way. My interrogators had never actually arrested my kids or family members. But I couldn’t help thinking these things, in part because they had arrested the children of a few of journalists in order to secure confessions out of them. I would read the Jomhuriyih Islami once or twice a week and I remembered that I’d read something about this in that newspaper. Once I read an article in this newspaper about how they had threatened to detain Abbas Abdi’s daughter during his imprisonment. I imagined that they had my daughters in custody and that the voices I was hearing were there voices. I would then call home and talk to my wife and daughter. This would calm me. But then a few hours later I would hear the cries and moans of a child and I would start worrying again. I would somehow convince myself that up until then my family had been safe, but now they have them. These horrible thoughts and other concerns regarding the possibility of torture kept me up at nights.

51. My interrogations were accompanied by stress and psychological pressure, but there were no beatings. They changed my interrogators on three separate occasions. Each time they repeated the same old questions so that they could find inconsistencies in my testimony. Every evening, after the interrogations, I signed and numbered the top and the bottom of the questions that were asked. At the end of the interrogations I realized that I had answered 512 total questions.

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