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Witness Statement: Ensafali Hedayat

65. The military prosecutor forwarded my complaint to the Second Branch of Military Court, which was under the auspices of Judge Mahmoudian. You can review the text of my complaint here: http://news.gooya.com/2003/08/21/2108-ff- 04.php. I thoroughly briefed Judge Mahmoudian about my complaint and informed him that I am filing a claim against NAJA and plainclothes individuals who attacked and beat me. Judge Mahmoudian scolded me. He said, “It was your fault for going in front of the University. You shouldn’t have gone. Why did you go? Does this country have laws or not? When the police requested you not to go, why did you? This is the punishment for a disobedient individual.” I argued with the judge and hopelessly left.

66. The public court never investigated my complaints. A year after I submitted my complaint, the 38th Branch of the Public Court summoned me to court. I took a copy of my complaint with me. But I was subjected to interrogations there. I told the magistrate that the individuals who attacked me were wearing plainclothes, but they were military individuals and addressed each other with military titles, such as colonel, etc. And that I saw some of them in the Intelligence Office of Law Enforcement Forces a couple of times.

67. The Prosecutor’s Office my complaint letter. After waiting for a long time, two years ago (after I had left the country) the Prosecutor’s Office sent me a letter summoning me to court so that I could prosecute my claim. Some of my writings from the time I was in Tabriz’s central prison, along with parts of my complaint letter, were collected and put on a weblog: http://insafeli.blogspot.com. I do not know who ran this site at the time.

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