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Witness Statement: Ensafali Hedayat

22. They threw me in a military vehicle and transferred me from the police station to the office of the Intelligence Protection Organization of the Law Enforcement Forces on Saeb Avenue. We entered the building through the Tabriz passport office.

23. They fingerprinted and registered me at the Intelligence Protection Organization office, and then they threw me and two others inside an underground cell. The prison was very crowded. A few minutes passed and Ebrahimi came. He saw the other two with. He grabbed them by the neck and threw them out of the cell. I spoke to him for a bit. I was in awful shape. Several of my teeth were loose – when I spoke they chattered and made noise. I had been beaten up pretty badly and had bruises all over. The interrogation was short. They left me in the solitary cell all by myself and did not feed me until morning. I was detained in solitary confinement from then until July 13th, at which point I was released.

24. At night they took me to Police Station 15 in Pasteur Avenue and instructed the guards not to allow anyone to see me, contact me or speak to me. They threw me in a solitary cell which had a dingy and worn out carpet.

25. The midnight guard came, blindfolded me and took me to the underground basement of the Law Enforcement Force’s Intelligence Protection Organization office. My interrogator wanted to me to reveal the radio and television stations, news agencies, newspapers and foreign magazines which I reported to, and the amount I received [for my work.] According to him, I should have received [at least] $100,000. He pointed out my pressed suit and suspender as signs of my wealth.

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