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Witness Statement: Ali Afshari

The Meeting with Siamak Pourzand

81. In 2003m I was being detained in the public ward of Evin Prison. I heard that they had transferred Pourzand to our ward (Hall 3, Number 7). I knew him from before. I went to meet him in person. After our meeting I brought him back to my room. I think it was March of 2003.

82. Pourzand was extremely quiet and disoriented. He didn’t talk and seemed very terrified and shocked. We tried to lift his spirits. When we spoke, he shook and often remained quiet. He was stressed and was very reluctant to talk about his time in detention.

83. I sympathized with his condition. I had gone through similar circumstances. I had been kept in solitary confinement for a while. I had experienced sleep deprivation. I had been abused. And, as I indicated before, I had been forced to give a televised confession.

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