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Witness Statement: Amir Atiabi

5. Around noon, they finally allowed me to use the restroom. My interrogator watched me urinate and noticed that there was blood in my urine. If they continued to beat me like that, my kidneys would have stopped working altogether. So they tried injecting me with a drug stimulant for my kidney, but the nurse was unable to find a vein. My blood pressure had dropped dramatically. I was feeling weak and exhausted. After several attempts, the nurse (a male guard) succeeded in injecting the drug. The moment the nurse finished injecting me, they forced me to lie down again and resumed the lashing. I did not say a word, but continued my rhythmic shouting. I told them that they were efforts were in vain because I already considered myself dead.

6. The beatings ended at night, and they decided to transfer me to another section of the prison. They gave me some sandals, but even the largest pair of sandals could not fit my feet because they had swelled up so much. I could not walk. My condition was worsening, but they were hell bent on getting information out of me. They took me to the prison hospital, which was adjacent to Section 209. I had to walk up the stairs, but I could not. I crawled and pulled myself up and eventually made it to the hospital room. The hospital was simply a cell with three hospital beds and a heavy-steel door. They had not removed the blindfold from my eyes I entered the hospital room. They wrapped my feet, ankles and knees with bandages. I do not know how many prisoners were being kept there in total, but I did see a corridor with several additional rooms. When they were bandaging me up, I noticed that my knees were also badly bruised and had turned black. There was one other prisoner in the room with me. He was a member of Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK). He had been severely beaten and whipped. He had received some sort of a skin transplant on the soles of his feet and could not get out of bed.

7. I remained in the hospital for about a week. After my treatment, they took me directly to the interrogation room, which was located in Section 209. In the interrogation room, they made me sit on a chair in the corner of the room, facing the wall, and pulled up my blindfold just enough so that I could write. I was warned not to look around. They handed me a piece of paper and asked me to answer some written questions. I wrote short answers to some of the questions, but added few details to avoid giving them any new information. During the interrogation, I realized that they had begun monitoring the activities of general members of our branch, and had gone up the chain of command until they arrested me. They had already succeeded in gaining access to some information I was trying to keep secret. So I went ahead and paraphrased this information in my answers and handed my answer sheet back to the interrogator. As soon as he saw my answers, he slapped me so hard I saw stars. Then the interrogator commanded one of the guards to take me to the same torture room so they could continue lashing me.

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