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Witness Statement: Mahmoud Roghani

52.Two weeks later, I was behind Hajari in line for taking a shower. We were made to sit next to the wall until our turn came. I told Hajari about my conversation with Javanshir. He said Javanshir was wrong and that they would execute all of us.

53. The next time, I read on the toilet wall that the 18th plenum6 was held and Ali Khavari was elected as the new general secretary of the Party. The next time when we were taken for a shower, I spoke with Hajari again and told him that I read such a thing the other day. He was surprised and said, “it is going to be a disaster. God save us.”

54. I don’t remember the date, but once I was transferred to a cell next to the toilet. This cell was larger than the other cells because two persons could comfortably sleep in it and four persons could sleep tightly next to each other. A military official of the Tudeh Party was with me in this room. His name was Shahrukh Jahangiri. He spoke with me in detail about the Party’s military structure and the connection the Party had with the Soviet Union. Recently the Party had established a media section that was collecting information from all branches. Hussain Qalambur and Baqerzadeh were responsible for filtering the news. They sent the important news to Kianoori and Kianoori subsequently sent the information to Soviet Embassy through a third person.

55. In December 1983, before I was taken to Evin, my interrogator called me and handed me a questionnaire that had more than 100 pages with four pens and said “start answering them.” I noticed that I had answered the majority of the questions earlier but they had organized the questionnaire into around 100 sections and each section had around 80 questions. I crossed out some of the questions and wrote that I had already answered some of them. I was summoned to the interrogation room and threatened. An interrogator said, “Look, you have to provide detailed answers to all of these questions either in your room or here. It is up to you, otherwise…!” I started answering them, I wrote until my fingers became swollen.

56. At this time I was living with Shahrukh Jahangiri in one cell. He was responsible for military affairs of the Party. (We had three officials for military affairs and one of them was Jahangiri). A guard called him and he went out and came back after a while. He said, “Mahmoud, they asked me for an F 14 pilot. I don’t know anybody. How can I find one for them?” He continued that he had said that he’d tell them whatever he knew but to not hit him because they had hit him 15 lashes at the beginning. Later he was transferred to Eshratabad prison and executed.

57. I had my first visit with my family a little more than a year after my arrest. For the visit, the guards transferred me from Komittee Moshtrak to a dancing studio that belonged to an Armenian woman. My family brought candy and cigarettes for me.

6 This term is often used by communist parties to refer to a deliberative assembly of the communist party members.

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