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Witness Statement: Mahmoud Roghani

97. Then he asked one of the guards to come and take me away. I put on the blindfold. From there, they took me to a room that had light granite stones to get some air. Some of my Tudeh friends were there. I really felt terrible. One of them asked what the matter was. I said that they executed everyone. He said it was not clear. Then Doctor Baghayee came. He gave me a cigarette and we smoked together. Jordan asked me about the questions I had been asked. I told him. Then I asked him what questions he had been asked. He said that he was asked the same questions. Jordan said, “I told them that I had been honest with them and I now tell them the truth too. I am eighty years old. If I tell you that I pray, it will be flattering. I don’t pray and I am not a Muslim.” He said that they later sent them here to take them to the court later. According to the laws of Sharia, a mature person must confess three times that he is not a Muslim and turned away from Islam in order to have the sentence of Mortad (apostasy) issued against him. For this reason, they had given them three chances to rethink their position and return. Jordan insisted that he would not back down. At that point, Baghai’e turned to me and said these people are done. They have sent them out three times and each time they have emphasized that they are not Muslims. They are done.

98. They took me and Fariborz Baghai to the 209 Solitary Ward. The cells were 2 by 3 meters. There was a shirt and pair of trousers in the cell. It had a small restroom in the corner. We were there for four days. Food and water were scarce. Then they took me to Ward 2 or 4. (I don’t remember well). I saw Hamid Reza, step brother of the King, and Amir Entezam. A number of Tudeh Party members and Fedayan (the Majority) recognized me. We sat together and started talking. My hair was long and my beard had grown. However, I saw there was a person whose hair and beard were in shape. He was Amir Entezam. The head of the ward came to me and said that Mr. Eintezam wanted to talk me. I went to see him. He asked the head of the ward to give him his bag. He took a towel out of his bag and gave it to me. I took a shower and then the two of us spoke with each other. Amir Entezam asked me to introduce myself. I did. He said that he disliked the Tudeh Party from the beginning. Nevertheless, he enjoyed talking with them. Because they are the only logical people among the leftist organizations. I briefed him that they had executed a huge number of the prisoners. He said that it was not true. The government just wants to break the spirit of the prisoners. He continued that, until the United States was behind him and the Soviet Union behind us, they would not be able to touch him and us. I told him that it might be true about him but it was not true about us. Then, I asked him if he was a member of the CIA. He said it was absolutely ridiculous. He said that a journalist called Monica came to see him and he did an interview with her because he was the spokesperson of the government. Then the Tudeh Party spread the rumor that he was member of CIA. He said that he told the court, “You have committed two wrongs. First you made my wife suspicious of me and second you made her husband suspicious of her”.

99. Two days later Dr. Baghai also joined us in that room. We were there for two weeks. Then I was transferred to Ward 2, known as the ward of Kianoori. I saw Kianoori, Amoui, Partavi, and Siamak Dashti. Later Dr. Baghai also came there. There was a general from the air force, a pilot of F5 whose name was Mehdi. Mehdi told us that we should not do something to make him report us as he was assigned there to monitor us.

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