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Witness Statement: Mahmoud Roghani

100. Occasionally, I performed my Islamic duties. I often visited Partavi’s room. I saw he was working a transcript. I had a chance to look at it briefly. Later I saw a book about the Tudeh Party in Germany. I purchased it and saw that it was the book that Partavi was writing in prison.

101. The situation gradually improved. We had good food and had access to showers. We could go out for fresh air. I had family visits too. I and Amoui were in one room. Kianoori and the general were in the other room.

102. Time passed. One day in the afternoon, they called me and said that I had a phone call. I thought the interrogation had resumed. It never came to my mind that they wanted to release me. I was thinking that I’d be in prison for 15 years. When I got there, they asked me for the phone number of my home. I gave it to them. A guard said to tell my family that I would be released with bail and that they should make the necessary arrangements for my release. I called my home and a lady replied. She said that my wife had moved from the house. (Later I found out that my wife had escaped to Russia and the landlord had expelled my grandmother from the house.) Then the guard asked to give him another phone number. I gave him my brother-in-law’s phone number. They called him and gave him the message

103. A few days later, I was taken along with many other prisoners in front of the Majlis. There Kianoori and Babak Zahrai-e delivered a speech. I was sitting on a chair listening to the speech when suddenly someone hugged and kissed me. She was my eight years old niece. She was crying and kissing me. Still we were not freed. Then we were released. When I wanted to walk towards my family, I saw a lady that was throwing flowers at us. She was saying that her son was killed but thanked god that at least some prisoners were still alive and were released. Then, we were freed.

The End

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