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Witness Statement: Mahmoud Roghani

10. I recognized one of the voices. It was Nahid, wife of a friend of mine. She was shouting at the IRGC officers asking why they were arresting her husband and what she could do with her two children in her husband’s absence. I heard her saying that her husband had not committed any crime. Meanwhile, I heard Mehdi Kayhan’s voice. He was a military officer in Khorasan province. He had joined Azarbaijan’s branch of the Party and had been in the Soviet Union for some time. After the Revolution he returned to Iran. Mehdi Kayhan was talking with the IRGC officers and pleading for permission to use the restroom. I heard him saying, “Brothers, I’ve prostate and I need to go to the restroom.” Apparently, the IRGC officers did not let him use the restroom.

11. I thought every member of the Tudeh Party was arrested. They took me out of the car but the coat was still over my head. There were many prisoners. They were taking each one of us separately through a corridor. Finally, they took the coat off my head and covered my eyes with a military blindfold. It was a rough cloth and irritated my eyes. Then, I was taken to a van. Prisoners called the van “Khorkh ” (growl) because it made a snoring kind of sound. I heard many other familiar voices inside the van like Farzad’s. He was sitting next to me. He hit me with his elbow and asked “Is it you, Mahmoud?” and I said “yes, it is me.”

12. The car set off and after a while we went downhill. I didn’t know where it was. The car stopped and they asked us to get out of the car. Then they lined us along a wall and took pictures of each one of us. We were each given two blankets and a small pillow. They took all our clothes. I was suffering from sinusitis and therefore, I was wearing hat. That day I wore a hat which was made of Afghan wool. They took it from me and gave me a shirt.

13. Later, I realized I was in Komittee Moshtrak. It was very cold when I was arrested. The temperature was below zero. They made me to sleep in the hall. Cold air entered the hall every time somebody opened the door. It was very cold and I trembled all night. I soon got bronchitis.

14. From there, I was transferred to Ward 4. Again, I was made to sleep in the hallway. I had two blankets. I put one blanket under me and used the other blanket to cover myself. When I was sitting, I had to face the wall blindfolded. To use the restroom, I had to ask permission. Usually, they allowed me to use the restroom two or three times a day. I ate my food from a plastic plate. I did not have permission to move or talk with anybody. The next day, when they took me to restroom in the morning, I tied the blindfold looser so I could move it up with my eyebrows if I needed.

15. Later, an interrogator came and asked my name. I heard him asking other prisoners similar questions. When other prisoners replied, I recognized some of the voices. For instance, I heard Jafar Sadei-e Waten who was an old comrade of mine in the Tudeh Party and Manouchehr Behzadi and Kiomers Zershinas. We were all in the hallway.

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