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Witness Statement: Mahmoud Roghani

22. In response, the interrogator told me that, “We’ll find out very soon. It’s not what you think. We have all the information about you. You were thinking that you are facing a few Hezbollahi kids. You were wrong. We’ve been following you for years. You were one of those who evaded the pursuit. Our brothers were exhausted following you.” I started writing about myself. When I finished writing he told me, to go to the hallway and sleep there. I left.

23.The next morning during breakfast, I pushed up my blindfold with my eyebrows and saw Jafar Sadai-e Watan. He was sitting next to me. Jafar was a lovely, honest person who loved the Tudeh Party. I saw his feet. They were wounded. Cable marks were visible on his feet. He astonishingly signaled to me asking what was going on. He was not expecting this kind of treatment from the Islamic Republic. Like most of us, he was thinking that we would be subject to an ordinary interrogation. In fact, we were misled by a trickery game the Islamic Republic played with the Soviet Union. We believed that our comrades in the Soviet Union were behind us and that the Islamic Republic would not dare to treat us rudely. I showed him my feet. He was surprised. Then, I saw that Hamid Mohammadzadeh was sleeping further up from us and next to him was Manouchehr Behzadi. Behzadi was a member of the polit bureau of the Party. He had not been taken for interrogation up before then. The rest of us were cadres of the Party. For instance, I was advisor to the Central Committee and Jafar Sadai-e Watan was an ordinary cadre.

24. If the prison employees and wardens discovered that I had lifted up my blindfold, they would have hit me with cables or kick me. Unlike the monarchy system prison employees, the Islamic Republic prison employees treated us like the enemy. They assisted the interrogators in interrogating and torturing us. For them, we were dirty infidels.

25. I think it was on the second day of my arrest that a guard gave me a tour in the Ward. He asked me to pull up my blindfold. I did and saw that Azatullah Zare was sleeping. Then he took me to the interrogation room. I heard Amoi-e’s voice there. When I moved further up, I saw his feet were bandaged to his knees. He seemed to have been beaten badly. I was moved to another interrogation room. I heard Houshang Asadi’s voice there. He was arguing with interrogators and defending himself that he was not a spy. Then, I was taken to the basement. There he showed me the solitary cells. I saw Kianoori there. I also saw Kihan, Asaf and many other Tudeh Party members in other parts of the prison. I realized that the party had received a heavy blow.

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