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Witness Statement: Mahdis

23. She asked, “Have any of your relatives been arrested before?” I believed that they had all the information about me and I worried that if I lied, they would find out. So I told them that my uncle had joined the Mojahedin-e Khalq. He was sentenced to death when I was seven years old, but my father and other relatives were able to get his sentence reduced to four years. I told her these things and I was returned to my cell. But telling them this resulted in me being called for another interrogation in two days. This time, the interrogation involved beating, torture and rape.

Rape and Torture


24. My second interrogation was conducted in a different place and I was interrogated by two men. Even though I was blindfolded, they covered their faces. I was able to see them once when I raised my head. I was not able to see their faces or identify them but I saw that they were wearing similar white slippers. They wanted me to confess that I was linked to the Mojahedin, that I had insulted the government officials and that I had acted against national security.

25. When I did not confess, the two interrogators put me under a barrage of punches and kicks. They hanged me from the ceiling and beat me with batons. They wanted to teach me a lesson.

26. Following my second interrogation, I was raped for three days. I was bleeding, but they did not even give me a pad. They raped me in a violent manner. The two men never said their names. They called each other “Seyyed” or “Haji.” The first time, I begged them not to rape me and I told them that I was a virgin. But they calmly said, “You haven’t tasted it? Now taste it!” The interrogators cut my clothes with scissors so that they could take them off. My arm was wounded by the scissors. They told me that if I said a thing, they would kill my entire family. I was really injured.

27. Before beating me or raping me they said things like, “So you chant slogans and attend demonstrations? Now we will show you how it is!” I was bleeding a lot. I was in really bad shape. Once they beat me in the head with a hard object so that they could keep me quiet while raping me. They broke my head. I was not given any medicine, and therefore, the wound became infected. It itched a lot. I scratched it so much that it bled.

28. I didn’t have a watch, so I was not able to know what time of day it was. My two interrogators seemed to be colleagues. Neither was superior to the other. The manner in which they talked to each other indicated this sort of a relationship. For example, one would say to the other, “Haji, let’s show her what it means to go to a demonstration,” and the other one would agree. There was one interrogation session per day. I didn’t have a watch so I couldn’t tell how long an interrogation lasted. But I think they did not always take the same amount of time. First, they beat me and then I had to write whatever they told me. I also had to sign and put my fingerprint on what I wrote. After a while, they stopped because they had reached their goal. I was in solitary confinement in Evin for twenty days.

29. They continued to torture me every day. They punched and kicked me. They wanted me to confess that I had a problem with the government and I wanted to overthrow it and that I was linked to the Mojahedin. They wanted these confessions so that they could hand down a stiff sentence if they arrested someone for a second time. They also wanted to establish a crime so that they could claim the person they had arrested was not innocent.

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