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Witness Statement: Tania Ahmadi Kaliji

26. My interrogators asked me many questions about my activities and those of my associates – all of whom they knew by name. They asked me: “who organized the protests?” “Why do you spread news to other countries?” “Who are your connections?”

27. They asked me why I went to the protests. They wanted to know what my goal was and whether I wanted to overthrow the government. I denied this accusation.

28. They also asked me about the goals and the views of the women’s movement and whether the movement is for or against the system. They asked me about the whereabouts and activities of certain women activists. They wanted me to reveal the list of people I knew who lived outside the country but maintained internal contacts inside of Iran and whom they thought had helped organize the protests. They characterized the protests as threatening national security. They also asked me about the women’s activities. They put a lot of pressure on me to cooperate through threats to me and to my family.

29. I was released after three days. I believe they only wanted to interrogate me. They had no evidence of my committing any crime and I was never formally charged.

30. While I was detained, agents from the Ministry of Intelligence searched my house. They took pamphlets and flyers from my house.

31. After this arrest I received threatening phone calls and text messages, and I was very afraid. I lived alone and I was even scared to leave my home. I was forced to move to another part of Tehran.

32. After my last arrest, I realized that during these past two years they had been compiling a case against me. After each interrogation, they released me to closely monitor my activities and identify my contacts. They kept me under surveillance.

33. I did not participate in another protest until November 4, 2009, and then again on December 7, 2009 and on the Islamic holiday of Ashura.4

4 In 2009, the commemoration of Ashura occurred on December 27, 2009.

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