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Witness Statement: Tania Ahmadi Kaliji

44. They kicked and hit me repeatedly really hard on my back and I think this caused internal bleeding (from my uterus). One of them held me while another hit me with his knees on my back. I wiped the internal bleeding with a tissue that I keep with me because I never want to forget what they did to me. I was bleeding so heavily that I think they may have raped me. I still have a lot of nightmares about these events.

45. I still do not know whether they raped me because during the torture, they gave me drugs that made me pass out. They made me swallow really big white pills without any water. The interrogators forcibly opened my mouth and shoved the pill down my throat. Five minutes later I got drowsy and passed out. Each time I regained consciousness, they gave me drugs again. This happened two or three times.

46. My body suffered a lot of injuries from this torture. Now, three months later, I still have awful bruises on my body from where they hit me. I had severe bleeding in my ear, which permanently damaged my hearing in my left ear. I have medical records documenting all these injuries.

47. I do not know what happened to me while I was drugged. But, every time I woke up I saw ink on my fingers. When I asked why and whether they had forced me to sign something, they refused to answer. I begged them to at least show me what I had confessed to. I even told them it was okay if they extracted a confession from me, but I just wanted to know what I actually had confessed to. But, they would not say.

48. They also cursed my mother Zahra Rashidi, who was a leftist and executed by the Khomeini regime when I was only a year old. They cursed and insulted her, which really bothered me. They told me I had to be destroyed and that I was no good for the system because I am my mother’s daughter. They hit me so much on my mouth that my lips were bruised and bleeding and I could not even manage to answer them back.

49. During my detention, the authorities contacted my family. My father picked up the phone and heard them torturing me. The trauma from this caused him to have a heart attack and he later had to undergo heart surgery. After my interrogators hurt my father, I really truly hated them.

50. I am especially sensitive about my father’s well-being because my mother’s execution took such a personal toll on him. Naturally, my hatred for this regime goes back to childhood because it caused me to lose my mother at such a young age. I never knew what it was like to have a mother growing up. After my mother’s martyrdom, my father was exiled. I saw my father for the first time when I was five years old.

51. My torture session lasted until 2:30 to 3:00 a.m. the next day. They released me soon after the session ended. I was still bleeding and semi-conscious. I recall telling my captors that my pants were bloody and I wanted to go to the bathroom to see what happened. But, they refused.

52. I was half conscious when they blindfolded me and took me to the car. The car passed three or four streets before dropping me off. When I woke up, I realized that I was in Dameshgh Street. It was then that I realized I must have been at the torture chambers of the Interior Ministry which is close to Dameshgh Street.

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