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Witness Statement: Farideh

6. I was also attacked on the day of a demonstration in Tehran for the 40th day of mourning for those who were killed in the protests on June 20, 2009. I was traveling to the demonstration with two friends in my car when we got caught in a traffic jam and the riot police arrived. I was wearing a green wristband and the riot police spotted what was around my wrist and started yelling at me to take it off. Before I could react, three of the riot police started swinging their batons at my car. They broke the car windows and damaged the hood.

7. I was interrogated for my cultural activities. During the interrogations they asked about each and every one of my activities and those of my family members. The interrogators repeatedly questioned me about my affiliation with the One Million Signatures Campaign and my relations to friends who were social or political activists or journalists. This was while my activities with the campaign were very minimal and basically revolved around collecting signatures.

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