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Witness Statement: Saye Sky

31. On another occasion, I saw a group of officers severely beating two young girls in the street. The girls were standing helplessly by a wall with their hands over their heads in a futile attempt to protect themselves from the blows of the male officers. Enraged, I jumped on the back of one of the officers to try to pull him away from the girls. As I struggled with the officer, I felt a warm sensation on the back of my neck. I turned around to find another officer beating me with his baton.

32. The officers generally had three different kinds of batons. They either used an electric baton, a thin, stick-like baton, or a thick baton that resembled a club. On that day, I was beaten with the club-like baton.

33. The officer who beat me wore brown clothing. There was no insignia, but he had the same hat and stripes on his shoulder as all of the other soldiers.

34. Thankfully, on that day other protestors came to our rescue. Our rescuers greatly outnumbered the officers and by surrounding them. They bought us enough time to escape the vicious attack. I grabbed one of the girls by the hand and we ran towards a safe house. The other girl ran in the other direction. I felt lucky to escape with my life.

35. In late June or early July (2009), I was attacked by two women for wearing a green article of clothing. The women pushed me up against a wall, swore at me and insulted me. They screamed, “Are you wearing green because you’re against the government?” What could I say? This just happened to be the color of my clothing. What did they want me to do, go home and change? One of the women looked me in the eyes and coldly said, “One by one, we’ll take care of you.”

36. During my attack, I saw an officer on the street who yelled at the women, “Go ahead and break her arms and legs, let me see if you know how!” I know he was an officer because he had three stars on his shoulder and an officer’s uniform.

37. Later on during the summer of 2009, there was a rally in support of the Ahmadinejad in Tehran. The Islamic Republic bussed their supporters into the city from the countryside. I know this because I saw the busses coming in. The people on the busses weren’t dressed like they were from Tehran; they were dressed like people who lived in the countryside. They brought their entire families with them. Children, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and grandparents were all on the busses. The Ahmadinejad supporters brought signs that read “We Want Khamenei” or “We Want Ahmadinejad.”

38. Throughout the protests, I saw the Basij giving weapons to people [Basij members in plain clothes] dressed in civilian clothes looking to break up the protests. In the early morning and late at night, I saw Basij vans stop by large crowds of people. The doors of the vans would open and Basij would pile out. Remaining inside the van were cartons of weapons which were spread among the Basij [in civilians clothes]. These [plainclothes Basij] forces were given tear gas, batons and pepper spray. They hid in the streets, waiting for protesters to walk by, so they could attack.

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