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Witness Statement: Reza Azad

Second Arrest

124. In the year 1366, I wanted to leave Iran illegally. I had no choice but to exit the country surreptitiously because the government would not grant me a visa for lawful exit because I had a conviction on my record.

125. However things did not go as I had planned. I was arrested by Ministry of Intelligence and ended up in prison and Evin again.

Attempts at Suicide

126. At Evin I was interrogated about my connections with leftist groups. My interrogators asked me whether I had executed any favors for these groups, whether I had served as a messenger for them or otherwise participated in their illicit activities. After only one week or ten days however I was taken to solitary confinement. This is where I endured even worse torture than what I had been subjected to during my first time at Evin.

127. One night, three or four men came into my cell around midnight and attacked me with rug cutters. Some held my arms down to restrain me while the others cut my stomach with these knives. I do not remember what happened right after that. I later woke up in the infirmary of the prison with bandages all over my stomach and a unit of blood being pumped into my arm.

128. If I had died, the guards would likely have said that I committed suicide. When prisoners died from torture, the guards would often say that this person died by his own hand – either by hanging himself or taking an overdose of medicine. In fact, the torture that I was subjected to during this stint at Evin did drive me to attempt suicide. I remember how I felt when I was lying in the infirmary after the knife attack. I wanted to end my life my ripping out the tubes in my arms. However nothing happened when I did this, I only felt some shortness of breath. I attempted suicide a second time as well during my stay at Evin. When I was lying down in my cell I saw an electric outlet on the wall. I fantasized about taking a piece of metal and sticking it into the outlet to electrocute myself when no one around. However I could never find a spare piece of metal to use for this purpose so my plan never came to fruition.

Second Release

129. In April or May of 1997 the chief at the Ministry of Intelligence Section at Evin told me that Evin did not have jurisdiction over my offense. He said that my file was now an ordinary offense of unauthorized exit from the country. I would be returned to my place of arrest, and my case would be dealt with there, since they had jurisdiction. After a while I was released.

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