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Witness Statement: Reza Azad

48. After a while of hitting me with a cable, the interrogators put a blanket over my head. Someone started hitting my back with the cable, while someone else used the cable on the soles of my feet. The third person was who the prisoners called the “sar-shekanjegar”, or head torturer, and he asked me questions.

49. During the beating and interrogation, I lost consciousness once or twice. After my torturers removed the blanket from off my head, I realized that I was not conscious for part of the beating. I felt acute pain throughout my whole body and back.

50. I am especially sensitive about my father’s well-being because my mother’s execution took such a personal toll on him. Naturally, I cannot say for sure how long my beating and interrogation lasted. I guess my torture session was not as long compared to other prisoners who I saw chained or hanging from the ceiling for days at a time. They never did that to me.

51. Still this first torture session felt long. It was painful. It was very hot in the room and the air felt suffocating. I had a slender build as a young man and my slight frame made the torture more difficult to bear.

52. My torturers kept hitting me. After countless blows to my back, the chief torturer said: take him away now so he does not die until later when I have business with him again. They removed the rope restraints on my leg. The places where I had been bound tightly were badly bruised.

Methods of Torture at Evin

53. I cannot remember exactly how many times I was tortured, in part because I often lost consciousness during torture sessions. For years I have been haunted by these memories and have tried to escape them.

54. However if I try to estimate the number, I know I was placed in solitary confinement five times, and each time I was tortured. This occurred over the six to seven months from when I first arrived at Evin until the day I went to court.

55. Fortunately some time passed in between my torture sessions, so my wounds had a chance to heal. Only two torture sessions were so close in time that my injuries from the earlier session were still fresh.

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