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Witness Statement: Reza Azad

56. While my torture sessions were spaced apart, some of my cellmates did not fare as lucky. The guards hit them relentlessly on their fresh wounds.

57. When I was led out of my cell to be tortured, I saw horrible sights in the hallway outside of the cell. I was blindfolded in the hallway but managed to catch glimpses of my surroundings from beneath my blindfold, if the guards were not paying attention. I saw prisoners tied to torture beds in the hallway who seemed to have been lying there for days. Other prisoners were strung up by their wrists and hanging from the ceiling. Still others were handcuffed to water and heat pipes and unable to move.

58. When the guards led us to the torture chamber, they refused to take our hands. No guard touched us because they said we were “najes” or unclean, the term for non-believers that did not practice Islam. Instead the guard held out an ink pen for the prisoner to grab onto and follow his lead. The guards were extremely disrespectful and rude to us.

59. The main method of torture used on me was whipping the soles of the feet. Not only was the actual lashing painful, but the cuts from the whip would often become infected. Many prisoners suffered from skin infections because they walked on the dirty floors of Evin 209 with open wounds.

60. After the first time I was tortured, I was placed in a cell with four other prisoners who had been tortured previously. Since they endured similar things as I had gone through, they advised me on what to do and what not to do. For this reason, when I arrived to this cell I felt very safe.

61. When I came back to the cell after being beaten on the feet, my cellmates told me that I should not drink water for up to 24 hours. The guards had not told me or any other prisoner about the dangers of drinking water.

62. There was a Kurdish man in our cell who was taken out in the middle of the night and was shockingly tortured. They tortured him to a point where his entire body was harmed. They tortured him in various ways. One way in which they tortured him was by blindfolding him, leading him to an area and telling him it was an area of gunfire. At the same time they would hit him with a cable or kick him with their boots – so as to emulate the force of a bullet. On another occasion this Kurdish man asked to go to the bathroom before being tortured. While in the bathroom he drank a lot of water. He did not realize how much worse the blows would be if he drank water. On this occasion, when they brought him to interrogation, we did not see him for one month or more afterwards. During that time the guards had brought him to the infirmary in Evin and hooked him up to a dialysis machine.

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