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Witness Statement: Sabah Nasri

52.  Farhad Vakili said many times that he was severely tortured. He had a congenital defect in his right leg. He said they tied his right foot to a chair with a rope and tied his left foot to the door handle and would open and close the door repeatedly. This caused him so much trauma and pain that he practically reached the point of unconsciousness.

53.  When I shared a cell with Farhad Vakili a few months had passed since he was captured and the marks of torture on his body had healed. But the situation of his case file clearly showed that he was tortured a lot.

54.  Farhad Vakili was very respected by other prisoners. He was popular among his cellmates and they sought his counsel on matters. I later heard he was put in charge of the ward he was in to be the contact between the prisoners and the guards. Usually the older prisoners and those liked by everyone are put in those positions. The fact that he was in that position reflected the degree of his popularity among the prisoners. He tried to mediate differences between prisoners in a liberal and fair manner and his words were accepted by all. At the time, his death sentence had been issued by the lower court and went to the Supreme Court for approval and the Article 18 process that reviews the ruling.

55.  I think Farzad Kamangar, Ali Haidarian and Farhad Vakili were arrested in 2006 and sentenced in 2007. These three spent some time in the Rajaishahr prison. Farzad was later transferred to Evin prison, but Ali Haydarian and Farhad Vakili remained in Rajaishahr prison. Later on they were also transferred to Evin and kept in Ward 209. When the strike took place (Farhad was amongst the striking prisoners too) Hedayat Ghazali and I were again moved to ward 209.

56.  I was kept for a few days in a room with two drug traffickers, both ethnic Baluchs, who were arrested with opium. After three days I asked the interrogator to be moved to general ward 121 or 122. The interrogator Ali transferred me to Ward 121 where Farzad Kamangar was being held as well. We were together for roughly three months until they moved him back to Rajaishahr prison.

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