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Witness Statement of Mohammad Shams

After the Election

9. After the election, when it was announced that Ahmadinejad won the presidency, we again went out onto the streets to question why the peoples' votes had been stolen. We expressed our dissent with "Green Silence," meaning that the streets were calm and we just made our way peacefully down the street. We gathered from Imam Hussein Square to Azadi Square, and Haft Tir Square and Toopkhane Square where we demonstrated until the authorities could no longer tolerate our silent demonstration and ordered the riot guards to strike at the people.

10. Some of the forces were not Iranian. They were very dark skinned, of tall height and stature and said nothing at all. The authorities used tear gas against the people. As a result of the tear gas, I became short of breath for a while and used an inhaler for diffusing the lungs.

11. In June 2009 we were demonstrating on 16 Azar Street and, together with the crowd, were moving towards Enghelab Square. All of a sudden, riot forces with black motorcycles moved toward the people and attacked. There were two groups of forces and the second group was beating people with electric batons. People were fleeing in all directions.

12. At this moment, a woman fell to the ground and one of the motorcycles ran over her waist. After viewing this incident, we lost all control and before the individual on the motorcycle could flee, the crowd brought him down to the ground. They opened the gas tank and set the motorcycle on fire. Then we moved the woman who broke her rib and was unable to walk into a car and transported her to a hospital.

13. Along the way, I got out of the car and went to our store, which was located nearby. When I got to the store, I described the events that had taken place to my father. He said that I should not stay there so I went to my own house, which was separate from my family's house.

The Arrest

14. Exactly two days after these developments, I was sitting in my house when the doorbell rang at 11:30 in the morning. Before I could see who rang the bell, the door to the house opened and five officials from the Ministry of Intelligence entered the house. Two of the individuals stood below and the other three individuals came up. Before I could even speak, all of a sudden I felt my eyes burning. They sprayed tear gas on my face and started kicking and punching me.

15. I do not know what happened; then I came to realize I passed out in the trunk of a car. Once every ten minutes they stopped the car, opened the trunk, and sprayed tear gas in my face again. My eyes were swollen and would not open. My hands were bound behind my back.

16. After some time, they took me out of the trunk and immediately blindfolded me. They bound the blindfold so tightly that it felt like a weight on my eye sockets. Then, we entered a place where I heard the opening and closing of doors and we went down some stairs. In this area, I heard a high-pitched noise.

17. As soon as we entered that place, they began to question me and asked: What is your name? Who told you to create this chaos? Who was the person that encouraged you to rebel? Who is your leader? They asked other questions yet never gave me the opportunity to answer. During the questioning, they beat me severely with batons and boots.

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