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Witness Statement of Ali Mahin Torabi

The First Court

4. Early next morning, I was taken in handcuffs to a branch of the Public Court in Karaj. However, when the head of the Branch saw me crying, he said, given that I was under 18, he did not have jurisdiction to review my file and the case would be sent to the juvenile court. My case was therefore transferred to the juvenile section of Branch 33 of the Public Court in Karaj (currently branch 122), presided over by Justice Loghman Kiapasha, who is now the legal deputy of the Judiciary and the head of Arbitration Division in Karaj. When I arrived there I saw that the family of the victim was present. The judge asked me if I was Ali, and I said yes. After that he did not let me speak. Every time I wanted to explain something, he ordered me to be quite and said that I would be going “somewhere” where I could talk. He then issued an order for me to be taken to the investigation police. At 11 a.m., I was taken by the same guard to Branch 4 of the Investigation Bureau in Hesarak, Karaj, special division for murder, armed robbery, and kidnapping, headed by Lieutenant Hooshmand Sharifi.

Investigation Bureau

5. As I was brought in handcuffed to the Investigation Bureau, in front of my parents, Lt. Hooshmand Sharifi, who was in charge of my file, began shouting profanities at me, telling me to go back there and wait, because he was going to take care of the “guests!” first. I was 16 and did not at all understand what he was trying to say. He then forced my parent to leave, and then took me to the backroom. The room had a metal bed that I sat on. He told me that he would come back in a minute to “look after me!” I was crying. He returned and pushed me into a corner where there was a metal closet and began kicking me with his heavy boots. He then called a few other guards to assist him. He had not even taken any information from me at that point. Their first stage of hospitality was to create fear and terror.

6. I was then taken, in the same handcuffs, to the solitary section in Hesarak Investigation and shoved in a 2x3 meter room. It was a very dark room across the hall from a washroom. Lt. Sharifi twice sent someone to take me to him in the middle of the night. He said, “Many have come here, have given birth, and gone. Compared to them you’re nothing!” He then used two sets of handcuffs to lock my hands to the bed rod and my feet to the foot of the bed to restrict my movements. He then proceeded to lash me with what he said was a helicopter belt. I was in so much pain that I could not even see anything. He said, “I am beating you to bring pain to your body so that you can sleep well and talk like a chattering bird in the morning.” He then asked me a number of questions about the incident and my role in it. Whatever I said, he reacted by saying, “Stop this bullshit, you know very well this is all a bunch of nonsense.”’ He slapped and beat me so much that I said,”You tell me what you want me to write and I’ll write it!”

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