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Witness Statement of Ali Mahin Torabi

7. He then transferred me to the general section, in a 12 square meter room occupied by about 20 inmates, where we had to sleep on our sides in a row. Their charges varied from pick pocketing, aggression and adultery to murder. There were all kinds of offenders there. All the detainees were recent arrests and were going through the preliminary investigation process. No one was handcuffed and foot-braced like me. I was there for 28 days. Sometimes in the middle of the night the guards would wake us up announcing that the Lieutenant has come. Then, in the cold of the winter, they would pour water on the ground to deprive us of sleep. Also, there was a duct on the ceiling, supposedly to circulate the air, it was broken and allowed cold air into the room. I was the youngest of the detainees. There was one other person who was a year or two my senior. He was charged with killing his father, but was later acquitted.

8. During the 28 days, every time I was taken for interrogation Lt. Sharifi tore up my true answers, claiming they were lies. He said, “Write what I tell you!” During the interrogations, they would seat me on an old metal chair under which was a picnic-type gas stove. Every five minutes they would turn up the flame, to the point that as a result of burning heat, my cotton pants would stick to my body. I told him to just stop the flame and I would tell him anything he wanted to hear. He also had a hose filled with metal bits that he from time to time targeted under my feet, causing blisters..

9. All the interrogations were conducted by Lt. Sharifi and another man whose name I did not know. One night, at 2:00 after midnight, they called me from the detention centre and said that Lt. Sharifi wanted to see me. When I was taken to him, Lt. Sharifi asked me to undress. They opened my foot brace so that I could take off my pants. He then took me to the yard, in the middle of February. It was snowing but he handcuffed me to the flag pole and tied my feet to the pole so that I could not move. He then ordered one of his guards to bring a bucket of water. The guard brought the water, whispered an apology to me and said that he had no choice, and then poured the water on me. Lt. Sharifi then lashed me. Another day, the Lieutenant brought my co-accused, Ezzatollah Oroojzadeh (a.k.a. Millad), and as he was peeling oranges, said to me, “This is what I call a man, look at his statement!”

10. When I was initially taken to the Investigation Bureau, for the first 20 days I was not allowed visitation or even a phone call. Therefore, I did not see my family during that period. After 20 days, the officer in charge of my file, i.e., Lt. Hooshmand Sharifi, called me and said, “I know you were not involved in this incident, I can help you out. If you go to jail, you will have to pay a lot of money and your youth will be wasted in prison. I will give you visitation time and you tell your father to bring 7 million Tomans (US $7,000), which I will then distribute among those who are investigating your case, so to wash you out of the case and let you free, and go about your life.” He told me not to speak to anyone about this.

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